Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weird random thoughts for a Tuesday

In the movie Pretty Woman, most of the clothes that Julia Robert's character tries or or buys is back in style now. Is that good or bad? And I also noted how young Robert's voice is in that movie. A young sounding voice is an odd thing to say, but still, she sounds young.

The heat here is terrible. I live in the wrong place. I should live where it never, ever gets this hot. I was told I should live in Ireland. Well, I think I knew that! Someone from there pointed out that they don't have central air because it never gets this hot, that the sort of heat we have here would make it too hot to do anything, including sex. I think central air makes it possible to have sex in this sort of heat...

Many years ago I had a collection of Disney villain statues. A Sam I was living with many, many years ago bought them for me. They were breakable but I don't remember if they were porcelain or some resin or something. Anyway, when he and I broke up he took them back- the ass. I've always wanted another set. I had Captain Hook, Malificent, Cruella, Ursula, Cinderella's Evil Step-Mother, and The Evil Queen (in Snow White). I had these on a shelf in my office, when I was in social work. What was funny is that the kids I worked with always laughed because they said I was the furthest thing from a villain. The thing is, I can identify with the villains better than I can the Princesses. I'm weird.

Should I send meds to college with Mac? I got him Tylenol, hydrogen- peroxide, band aids, cotton balls... but should I give him some Day-Quil and Night-Quil in his stash so if he needs it if he gets sick?

I want to smack Mac most of the time. I love him and I'm a pacifist but I really feel like smacking him, most of the time. A friend of my father's said that the reason our kids are jerks before they go to college is because it's God's way of us letting them leave the nest without losing our minds. I really think she's right. And I really hope she knows what she's talking about! I'd take him to school today if I could.



Curley said...

On the Day-Quil and Night-Quil, make sure he knows that he isn't to use it unless he is really sick. And don't forget the
Q-tips. I totally agree with your Dad's friend.

booknut said...

I would definitely send some meds to school with Mac. Maybe some allergy meds to, if he has trouble with that. Because what if he gets sick and has no money to buy meds? I would also send Kleenex.

Jimmie Earl said...

Speaking of collections of figurines, didn't you at one time have tiny figurines of all the cast of "Gone With The Wind?" Those were so cool.

Amy said...

oh I have a huge list of meds I'm sending with my daughter..decongestants, neosporin, advil, nyquil, eye drops, ear drops, vitamins, benadryl, tums, plus clippers, tweezers, bandaids, qtips cotton balls ...and she is never sick! lol. just her luck she will be when she leaves home..

ditto on the smaking the kiddo! I am counting down the days. She'll thrive there and I'll have some peace. I'll miss her, but I'll have peace.