Friday, July 22, 2011

Gone country

There are so many parts to this story... I feel like I have to explain myself before I can explain myself.... clear as mud, eh?

In May I bought 2 tickets to see Gary Allan, a country music singer, who is ITSam's very favorite singer. I wanted to surprise him and was so excited to score these tickets. I kept my mouth shut and told no one about the tickets because one I told the secret I would tell him.

Then and I had a huge fight at the beginning of June, and I figured I'd offer to sell him the tickets. Then we slowly made up so it was a non-issue.

Then he broke up with me in July, about 2 weeks before the concert.

I'm not a fan of country music, over all. A very little of it goes a long way, in my opinion, so I wouldn't have just gone alone or with friends. And at the time of the break up, it wasn't really near the forefront of my mind.

A week after the break up I remembered the tickets. The same day I remembered the tickets, I had to have a serious conversation with ITSam about furniture and phones.

One conversation led to another, then to another, then to another. We certainly were NOT back together but lots of apologies were issued from him. That didn't fix it at all, but it was a start. We talked lots and I finally decided I would just take him to the concert.

I didn't know what to do and we were talking and I didn't want to lose the $80 bucks. I figured, if nothing else, that he would feel really guilty over everything, the way he treated me, etc., if I took him to a concert. It was a weird choice, I know, and it was spur of the moment, but I decided it. So be it.

Anyway, all that being said, I saw Gary Allan in concert a few weeks ago. (I also surprised Sam with the tickets and made him ride in the car 90 minutes, wearing a pink sleep mask the entire time, so he wouldn't see where we were going. People looked at us strangely as we were hauling down the highway at this strange bald guy wearing a pink sleep mask... some, tiny revenges are awesome!)

It was a great concert!!! He gives a good show. I was pretty impressed because he seems to be just a regular guy with a guitar, just singing his heart out. I really liked his show- no frills, no pyrotechnics, etc. Just a guy, singing. It was great.

And even though he's really country (and twangy) and he looks hot in his jeans, and doesn't wear a cowboy hat but would be sexy if he did, I still really liked the concert. (And it was a great chance for me to wear my pink cowboy boots here in the Midwest!)

Since then, I've been listening to his music quite a bit. This is really, REALLY out of the norm for me since I haven't listened to country music since I got back here from the Wild West. None of my car radio stations are pre-set to country and I think I might have about 50 country songs on my personal iTunes account--- that would be 50 out of the 1672 on my account. But I'm really digging Gary Allan!

Great songs by him are "Watchin' Airplanes", "Songs about Rain", "Best I've Ever Had", "No Regrets", "Her Man", "Right Where I need to Be", "We Fly By Night ", and Bourbon Borderline." "We Fly By Night" is my favorite of them all!

I strongly urge you to check out his music, his sound.

And it did make ITSam feel pretty crappy about how he treated me, that I had planned all this for him...

And it made me miss country music just a little bit.

Back in her boots,

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Lilith said...

The album entitled, "Tough all Over" is the one he put out after his wife committed suicide. Talk about tearing your heart out!