Monday, July 25, 2011

Quiet time

Mac*, Daddy-O and I all crave our alone time. Daddy-O's house is an open concept and the only place to close a door to a room is his bedroom and "my" bathroom. If you get a good head of steam and want to throw a big ole hissy fit and slam a door, your options are obviously severely limited.

Anyway, we all crave our alone time. Mac, being an only child and used to having his own room, is a kid who always likes to be alone. I've been an on my own grown up with my own place until Christmas 2008. Daddy-O, believe it or not, got used to having the house to himself after my mom died. So sometimes, all three of us go a little stark raving mad being around each other all time, especially lately because it's hotter than hell and no one wants to go outside in the heat.

Daddy-O and I often take off together and Mac gets the house to himself that way. During the school year Daddy-O gets the house to himself while Mac and I were at school. Mac and I also take off together, or he goes with his friends and I go with mine. I have found that I often don't have alone time. Mac and Daddy-O don't seem to ever leave at the same time (maybe I should give them money and my car and send them to see a movie together! ).

So this morning, I woke up early, about 7:02 am, give or take. Rather than roll over and going back to bed, I actually came downstairs and made a pot of coffee and sat on the sofa to read. It was like being alone and I loved it. I like the stillness of the quiet, of not hearing other people move or breathe.

Then I heard Mac turn his video game on and the moment was lost. Oh, he didn't come downstairs or anything, but the spell was broken. Then father emerged from his room and the began.

While I'm certainly NOT a morning person, there is something to be said for getting up early.

Now none of this is meant in a mean way at all, and no one really does anything to disturb each other purposely when we're all home together; often Mac is upstairs with headphones on and in silence and Daddy-O and I are sitting quietly in the living room or dining room, reading or crafting. I'm really not complaining and I'm certainly grateful that Daddy-O gave us a place to live. None of us ever intended for it to turn out like this, so I'm really not complaining!

Sometimes it's nice just to have the house all to yourself...


*(Pardon me while I pontificate on a subject apropos to nothing. When I first typed "Mac" I miss- key stroked and typed "Mad". Is that my subconscious trying to tell me something? He's mad as in insane or angry? Or am I just "mad" at him and ready for him to leave for college? Or all of the above???)


Bragger said...

He's a teenager ..... the concept of "angry" OR "insane" is appropriate on any given day!

I love me some quiet time too. I did a happy dance when Hubby said he was going to play golf this afternoon. I don't want him to die of heat stroke or anything, but I can be ALONE!!!

Jimmie Earl said...

You do realize that when school starts for you and Mac is gone to college, that I can do my "Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies" exercise videos in front of the TV in my tighty-whities once again. LOL! Scary thought, I know!