Thursday, July 7, 2011

World's Best Haircut

I got the world's best hair cut this week.

I've struggled with my hair my entire life. I have a head of thick dark hair, with natural curl. It's very pretty but it has a mind of its own. I have a "cowlick" in two spots but when my hair is long, it's not noticeable but it sure makes those two spots style as it sees fit, not always what I want it to do.

I'm also hair lazy. I hate taking time to actually style my hair. I love it long when I can whip it into a pony tail and go, or blow is dry and go.

Since I had it all hacked off in December of 2008- when I went from hair all one length down to the center of my back to a a short Pixie- a'la- Audrey Hepburn cut, I've been trying to grow it long again. And it's been a disaster.

In June of 2009 I had the haircut from hell, which left me wearing hats and bandannas for 6-8 weeks (it was to the point where people actually thought I had cancer and had lost my hair through chemo, I wore so many scarves and hats! Yikes!). After that, I've basically just hunted for someone to give me a decent trim. I've been on such edge about my hair and freak out every time I sit in a stylist chair.

Around Christmas I went to a salon and got an "okay" haircut. I think, at the time, I thought it was really good because I looked terrible and she cleaned it all up. I think at that point, anyone bearing a weed whacker could've made my look good because I was SOOOO shaggy. (I made the Beatle's '64 moptop do's look like a high and tight!). I went back to her again and was satisfied.

Then a few months ago I went to Angie and she asked if we were still doing the same. I said yes and then she proceeded to tell me about her divorce settlement and the new house she's building. At the end of my haircut, where I've been growing it out for years, and have just been having her TRIM it each time... she gave me layers. OH MY GODDESS!!!!!!!! LAYERS! That biotch gave me layers!


I vowed I was never going back to Angie. (He excuse, by the way, is that she 'forgot' what we were doing and had me confused with someone else. Ummmmm, yeah.)

My sister-in-law always gets a cut a haircut from her cousin. I always think this cousin has super beautiful hair cuts herself. I'd thought of going to CousinCutter myself but I was afraid if I got a bad cut it would be bad blood at family events, or at least just awkward. This time, I said screw it and went.

I have the best haircut I've had since December 2006.

It's amazing and the style is PERFECT!!!! I love it! It's a "long-ish short" blob. I had these shaggy layers and bangs past my nose and a long clump/ glob of hair on the back of my neck and various layers in the sides and she gave me this sleek, vintage but stylish, 1920s sleek bob.

I LOVE it!!!!

When I got home Mac went on and on about how awesome it was. He said I looked like the badass Russian chick who kicks ass in all the badass, asskicking Russian movies.

Then he found a picture on the 'net and said my hair is amazing and looks just like this:

He's not saying I look like her in the face or body (though I really WISH!) but that my hair is identical to this. and you know what? He's right. I have C. Zeta-Jones's exact haircut from Chicago. I do. It's very chic.

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!! Best hair cut- EVER! I love this woman who cut it- she's amazing. And she's all mine!!!!!!

She with a happy head,


Wiley said...

Nice! I bet you would give CZJ a run for her money, too.

I have a haircut tomorrow with a new stylist and am freaking out - my last one... when I asked for a "trim to clean up the split ends" left my very curly hair dead straight and 4 inches shorter. Freak out!

Bragger said...

Congratulations! I'm still trying to get up the nerve to break up with my hairdresser. I decide every time that I'm not going back to her, and then I'm so meek that I allow her to set up my next appointment. It's not that she's ever done anything BAD to my hair, it's just so..... blah.

Email me a picture!

Curley said...

I can't wait to see you. I bet you look great. Wait, you always look great.

booknut said...

I'm really glad you love your new haircut! I was also afraid it would be awkward if you didn't like it. My cousin is also extremely pleased that you love it! When do I get to see it?

Maggie said...

Wiley- good luck today- and don't go to the same person you did last time!! Yikes- 4 inches is a trim? Shit!

Bragger- I hate that automatic appointment thing. You should go in without your phone or planner and when she schedules tell her you'll have to call back because you don't have your calendar... then never call back?
(And will do on the emailing a pic!)

Curley- awww, thanks!

booknut- she so rocks!!!! And hopefully you'll see when we have birthday for Bro????

And when i went i decided there's not short of scalping me that she could've done wrong! But she didn't and I LOVE it!

Jimmie Earl said...

To All of Maggie's Blog buddies:

Usually, 4 days after a haircut, Mags is "moanin' and complainin' about the cut, the stylist, the hair world in general. Well, today was the beginning of "Haircut, day 4." And this morning she got up, washed and dried, and was smilin' when she came from the attic! She still loves it. Praise to all the hair gods!!! And to the very talented "CousinCutter." You made Mac's and my world much easier to live in.
JE aka Mag's Daddy

sam said...

Hi there!

Don't forget to email this fab cut to me too!


Shan said...

I wanna see an email of the Mags!!!! I remember your bad cut and am so happy you finally have something you love! I've been growing mine out in an attempt to not look like a craggy hag but now I want the Zeta! Oh what to do.......New good hair is such a confidence booster. Maybe this will get you through the break-up stage faster!