Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day of Grace

I'm so glad we went back to see Mac's college- where he's going in the fall, that is.

He's been slightly crazy this summer and I wasn't sure why. So, I suggested we go back to the school and taking a tour, checking things out. I thought maybe if he saw it again, he might settle down. I thought one of two things would happen: 1) he would settle down and be ready to go to school; or, 2) he would NOT want to go there and we would have to come up with a plan B.

We got to the school and chatted with his admissions rep for about an hour. He filled out all the paperwork to get a roommate his choice of dorm. His rep actually picked up the phone and called housing and secured Mac a room in the dorm of his choice.

Mac and I then took a tour with his rep- again- and then he got to meet with the chair of history/ political science department, for about an hour. He came out of that meeting with... news. He had contacts for three separate jobs: at the library, at the museum, and in admissions. He also found out about an opportunity for overseas education. I'm not even gonna mess with all the maybes- the chair of the department told Mac if he could carry a GPA of 3.7 or higher and then he could spend his sophomore year at Oxford, as in England, to study, for a year. For the same price as a regular school year, or at even a less cost. OMG!!!

Let's just say the rest of the day was... a breeze. I don't think the kid's feet hit the ground. He loved his dorm, he loves the school. We went to the town, which is on a lake, and toured it and he loved it. He loved the water and all the artisan shops.

So, I guess it's obvious that he's thrilled to be going and is excited again. He'll have his roommate's name today, and his fall schedule by Friday.

Thank goodness for such a great day- because I was really worried about what the hell was going to be plan B!

Mac's Mom,


Shan said...

That is so very teriffic!!! What fun! Talk about a motivator to get those grades smokin'!! Very cool. :)

Lily said...

It's so good to know I'm not the only mom sending off a kid to college! This will be my daughter's first year and she's moving to the farthest opposite of where we live.'re handling it well Maggie. We can do this! :)

Wiley said...

That is awesome! I hope he ha an absolute blast throughout his years there. And that he gets to go to Oxford! How cool is that!

Kim said...

That's awesome news about your son Maggie! He is going to have a blast at college and already being offered opportunities before he even begins?!? I see nothing but great things in his future!

Bragger said...

Perhaps the concreteness of the trip eased his mind somewhat. The vagueness of "going off to college" scares the beejeezus out of some of them. What if his Plan B had been to ..... STAY HOME? GASP and horrors!

Mellodee said...

A lot of kids at that point go thru a little of "cold feet". It's only a month until his whole life turns upside down. That is scary (even if they don't admit it!)

It's a good thing you took him to back to the school. A visit reminds them of all the things that they liked about it to begin with! Glad he re-committed to what sounds like a great place!

(Plan B is always a sloooow second!)

Maggie said...

Shan- oh you wouldn't believe what I would do to go to Oxford!!!!

Lily- is your daughter alternating between clingy and then a butthead? One day I'll miss him and then next I can't wait for him to take his attitude and get the heck out!!! We can do it!

Wiley- I'm sure he'll do great!

Kim- thank you!

Bragger- I told him plan B might be being at home and let me tell you, that lit a fire under his ass!

Mellodee- he's so excited now. I think he'd go today if he could! (and I'd let him! grrrrr! hehehe!)