Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacay- day 1... at least officially

Today starts my first official day of summer vacation. I count today as day 1 because I had to work on Saturday doing my weekend receptionist thing. Then I'm always off on Sundays (at least from school I am) and yesterday was a holiday so today starts the official Summer Vacation from school.

Wow. Daddy-O and I were talking and trying to figure out when I was actually on vacation- not working any of my jobs- since I moved back here in 2008. Other than being sick, we came up with not. I haven't been on vacation in about 3 years.

I'm excited to be off work but I also feel guilty. I feel like I should work all the time, that I don't deserve time off because I make such a piddly little salary and feel like I should be doing all I can to make money.

Also, I'm not going on a vacation at all. I'm just "vacating" myself from where I work. I wish I had money to go away for the next 17 days but I don't. I'll be chilling here at home and hoping that Mac doesn't drive me nuts (he's going through a clingy phase) and that I don't drive Daddy-O insane.

I'm really on vacation from school until August 1st. I have one weekend where I have to work my weekend receptionist gig. My principal also said I could work a day in July so I could have a day off in August to take Mac to college- then I don't have to take it as a personal day (or use comp. time/ sick day/ day without pay/ etc) so I will be working 1 day at the library in the entire month, and 2 days as receptionist and that's it. I have it all off. Wow.

My big plans are to read a huge pile of books, hang with friends & family (Curley, Lilith, Photographer, Daddy-O, Bookut, Mac), work on a couple of quilt projects (and hopefully finish them!), see a bunch of movies, drink a lot of wine (which could lead to some drunk blogging...), and just hang out.

Today's big project will be to get my hair cut, and go to the library. And then drink a lot of wine. I have goals.

So here's to you, here's to me, here's to vacay- may it be blessedly wonderful, peaceful, blissful.



booknut said...

Looking forward to getting together!!!

Kim said...

That type of vacation sounds absolutely divine Maggie! Enjoy it - and yes you DO deserve it!

Lilith said...

Can't wait till we get to hang!

Shan said...

Sounds lovely dahling. Do some completely lazy things for yourself and enjoy! :)

Bragger said...

Happy vacation! I've just learned that I have been summoned to serve on the Grand Jury.... the week of Pre-Planning for school. That may mean I get more vacation than I thought. Although I'm not sure it will be much fun.....