Monday, July 4, 2011

Takin' it easy

Today's the 4th of July. I feel pretty much at loose ends, but I don't think it's in a bad way. I was supposed to go to a BIG party today with ITSam and obviously that's not going to happen (though he actually called and invited me... weird.)

I don't have plans to have a big picnic or barbecue or go to the lake. I wasn't invited anywhere else. I couldn't even tell you if our town is doing their fireworks display tonight or what... How lame am I?

I did, however, lay out some chicken for dinner so if the temperature doesn't soar, then I might be able to convince Daddy-O to grill it; if all else fails, I'm gonna bake it. I also have a pile of books to read and so far this month I've finished 2 novels- go me!

It's nice to not have to just "go go go" or have huge plans foisted upon me. Though I wish I was going somewhere with a big spread of food....!

What is everyone doing? What ever it is, I hope it's safe, and fun!

Happy 4th to you all!



Curley said...

Happy 4th to you. We did go to the lake today but it was to do some work for mom and to let outdoor guy do some fishing. We were only there for a few hours and when we got home we grilled brats and have just been lazy the rest of the time. Back to work tomorrow for me but hubby has one more day off.

D-nice said...

My day consisted of laying out in my backyard reading a book...yep that's all...
Who says you have to do something with others to have a good time!