Friday, July 15, 2011

What I'm doing on my summer vacation

My vacation is going along nicely.... I've loved having all this time off. I think I could enjoy being retired, other than the fact you need money and place to live and stuff like that. I want to enjoy being retired, not be homeless. Well, whatever, I DO LOVE my vacation.

I've been quite the slug.

Well, sort of. I do like sleeping in. But I've read lots of books on my list and I like being able to just sit and sip ice tea and read to my heart's content. I've hung out with Curley, Daddy-O, Mac and Booknut. I've scrapbooked. I've cooked dinner. I went to a concert and done some shopping. I've gone out to eat. I've rummage saled. I've just basically done whatever I've wanted, which is awesome.

Today the plan is to run some errands, bake some banana bread this afternoon, and go to the county fair later this morning. Time permitting I want to see about getting Mac his own cell phone; this sharing thing is NOT working.

Next week, I'm teaching a photography workshop 2 hours a day, and next weekend is mine to weekend receptionist. I also still want to finish Fab Finn's baby quilt and see the new (and LAST) Harry Potter movie in IMAX-3 D (Mac and I have plans to do that, as well as have a decadent dessert at a chocolatier shoppe). I want to hang with Lilith, and also scrap book some more. This might also be "movie week" because I want to see Larry Crown and Monte Carlo, and I promised Mac I'd watch Cars 2 with him. I also am going to get some of Mac's college stuff together, shop for sheets and towels and dorm stuff.

I do love me some vacay!



Mellodee said...

Sounds like you've got the perfect mix of activities....relaxing, fun stuff, hobbies, and spending time with friends. That is the perfect vacation! Enjoy!!

D-nice said...

Send me a personal email of a couple things Mac would like for his dorm or even an amazon link...I have wanted to get him a grad gift but hate giving high school grads money since I remember how I miss used mine!

Curley said...

After the week I've had, I so envy you. Enjoy and hope to get together with you sometime before you have to go back.

Maggie said...

Mellodee- it's so wonderful!

DNice- thank you so much; that's nice of you! I sent you an email ! I can't believe how much junk he needs to go to college!

Curley- see you Friday morning! ;)