Thursday, July 28, 2011

Work starts sooner rather than the much desired later

Because I have a child going to college in 23 days and because I'm financially desperate, I've agreed to fill in for a person at this weekend at my weekend receptionist job, both Friday and Saturday nights. On my last weekend of my entire summer vacation. Yes, I'm a glutton. I have no one to blame but myself. But it's filling in for a great guy who I have a sort of an "old man" (He's around 74 but is AWESOME!) crush on so I would cover for him anytime. And he covered for me about a million times last school year so I could go to everything Mac. But it all happened in about 7 phone calls.

This has been an interesting week. No one from school nor front desk have called me all month long for anything. But not this week! This week I've had one work call after another. Is it because my vacay is winding down so I just need to adapt and people are beyond caring? I just thought it was funny that it seemed like everyone "respected" my vacation until the last week when I was consumed by a plethora of calls.

My principal called me with a few things. This coming year we're going to have 2 male PE teachers, and no female ones. I guess one of my new "responsibilities" is that I'll have locker room duty for three periods a day. It means I'll have to stand outside the locker room and be ready to go in to break up fights or anything else that might be inappropriate.

On the good side, he did say that he's found a stipend for me since I'm doing an art group since our art department was cut entirely. And our company's grant writer called me and asked me what I wanted for the art group as far as supplies and she's going to write a grant for it. That's awesome! Oh, and back to the principal, he asked me if I wanted to direct the school play this coming year and if I say yes, then I will also get a stipend.

Another work phone call informed me that I missed my TB test so I have to get to the county health nurse to do it before Aug. 5. This was about 3 phone calls, and counting.

Finally, I had another strange job offer. We have students who don't live on our campus but they go to our school. These kids don't have an assigned adult to monitor them during lunch. I'm hired for that gig, and I'll make about $15 a day to walk these kids to lunch, eat at the same table with them, and then sit with them until the bell. I know all these kids and they're pretty awesome.

Looks like work looms but with that is going to come some good money-making opportunities!


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