Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maybe I will and maybe I won't...

I have a feeling my 40 Before 40 List is a bust. Not because I'm choosing to give up, but because time and money are influencing some of these things. I don't think I'll accomplish all these things.

I didn't dye a streak of pink in my hair while I was on break for two reasons: 1) Mac kept busting my ass about it, saying something about me being too old to do it and I'll look stupid; and, 2) I'm afraid it wouldn't wash out before I had to go back to school.

I'm not going to get any Russian novels read, no matter the translation and I won't get 7 classics read before then either, mostly because I don't feel like reading any classics right now. I have a good list of books to read, none of them to do with classics or Russia.

I'm going back on Weight Watchers on Monday so I think the Backed Alaska and the homemade bread are both bad ideas.

I have about 2 months left so learning to play an instrument in that short time isn't going to happen. Same with subscribing to a magazine...

Due to $$$$, a mini- road trip to somewhere I've never been is out, and unless a blogging buddy comes to me, that's probably out for the same reasons.

Because I'm the epitome of lazy, I really don't think I'll attend a synagogue because I have to find one and then drive an 1 and then go. I hate doing some stuff alone. I also don't feel like volunteering at a charity. I feel like I do so much stuff for the kids at Alcatraz on my own time, I just don't have what it takes to go somewhere else and volunteer right now. I'm selfish, I realize.

I've given some thought to changing some things on the list to fit what I can do but that doesn't seem right.

I'm debating whether or not I want to finish the list since so many things aren't going to happen at all. I have two things I've done that I need to blog about, and I have pictures to go with one of them, and I'll still do it but I'm not sure about the rest. The jury is out.



Lilith said...

I'll go to the synagogue with you, and hey if you do that it can count as numbers 39 and 14 (because it would be a mini-road trip!).

I also volunteer myself for #4.

And you could always find a healthier version of baked alaska (I'll search the WW website and see if they have one on there). Same with the bread!

I would say your work with the kids counts as charity work because you go WAY above and beyond what you need to do at that place.

Jimmie Earl said...

I agree with Lilith that the extra you do for the kids you work with can count as charity and volunteerism. Just what you did for Princess when you were mentoring her went way beyond the call of duty.
As for other things on your list, we can surely arrange for a few during the months of August and September before the big 40.
I can teach you a couple of poems that might make you laugh, only they might not be very nice!!
JE aka Dad