Friday, July 29, 2011

Big thank yous!

This college business is really expensive. When I heard Mac was getting a full ride (basically) this year I wasn't worried. But now we're buying stuff for his dorm room and I should've been worried! It's like furnishing a mini-apartment! I have no idea why this thought process didn't dawn on me before, but since it has, it's an incredible amount of money!

The school sent this huge list of stuff and we've started the shopping and gathering process.

I'm thankful for those who are helping! D-Nice sent Mac this awesome bedding set and it's beautiful! He loves it! Thank you! Curly helped with all sorts of miscellaneous things he needs like a flashlight and batteries, a blender, a set of sheets, some food, closet organizers, and all sorts of those "mom would buy" stuffs- thank you!!! ITSam got the microwave covered as a late graduation gift. Daddy-O got (is getting?) a new cord for Mac's Bose headphones and is sacrificing his beer fridge for Mac to take to college- thank you!!! Auntie Booknut is loaning her van for the take him to college on the first day, and because she's an office supplies lover like me, she's outfitting his entire desk with all the necessary supplies as a special to Mac from his Best Auntie- thank you!!!

This is all in addition to the stuff I got him like sheets, towels, laundry supplies, a desk lamp, an alarm clock, new clothes, a box fan (since he picked the only dorm on campus with no central air!) and all his toiletries. I can't believe all the stuff he still needs (an XL twin mattress pad... Wally World does NOT carry these!)!

I think when a school says full ride, they should also include this stuff! I'm really happy for the things he already had like a scientific calculator, pillows, a Bible...

I'm not complaining at all, I'm just amazed at the amount of things. It's been fun to shop for this stuff. Mac LOVES red so we've gotten all sorts of stuff in red and black, so it looks really cool. I think it will be fun to help him unpack all this and get his room set up. I'm really excited that he wants me to help him set up his room, too! (I had this dreaded feeling that I'd pick him up in 6 weeks for a long visit home and find stuff still in Wal-Mart sacks, boxes with tags still attached.)

Thanks for everyone who's helping (or helped!!!). I couldn't do it without you!!!!

22 days until take off...
Mac's mom,

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Wiley said...

Just wait until the textbook buying... ouch!
But when he does get his textbook list, drop me a line - I may have some of the books that he needs that he's welcome to borrow, from my own misspent youth as a polysci major.