Thursday, June 9, 2011

Follow the train of thought

Mac asked if I wanted to listen to music and I said yes as long as he played something I wanted to hear.

The following is my own little meme, I guess. As he played songs, here's what I thought I of as he clicked around because the child can't seem to just play a single damn song all the way through! So as he played here was my first thought as they came up
  • "Novocaine" (the Broadway version): I want to see American Idiot on Broadway.
  • "Zanzabar" (Billy Joel): Wonder if he's still touring and if I could afford those tickets.
  • "Beck's Boogie" (Yard Birds): wonder what happen to the Brian Setzer wannabe band that used to play at a cool bar in N. Civilization and left to try and become famous
  • "Prelude/ Angry Young Man" (Bill Joel): I want to see him in concert again and I wonder if his Broadway show will tour and he was so awesome in concert when I saw him years ago and I wonder if I should start piano lessons again
  • "Girl" (Beatles): Do I know this song? I think Steven Tyler is so hot when he breathes in the Armageddon movie song
  • "Blackbird" (Beatles): that's a pretty song
  • "Wouldn't it be nice" (Beach Boys): Am I too fat to learn to surf?
  • "It's all been done" (Barenaked Ladies): I don't care if he was a coke head or a Canadian, the lead singer is pretty cute and did they get back together after he got out of re-hab? Should I Google that?
  • "Bust- a- move" (Young MC)- I hated high school and what the hell is happening in music?
  • "That Thing You do" (Wonders)- I LOVE that movie! I wish I owned it. Stupid video store doesn't have it, those bastards.
  • "Meet Virginia" (Train): love is so not like that and no man accepts a woman for who she is
  • "American Girl" (Tom Petty): I couldn't think because Mac was making fun of it and I couldn't think for all the laughing
  • "BBQ Stain" (Tim McGraw): I need to go Photographer's recipe for bbq sauce that's a good Weight Watchers one with low points
And that's the music inspired thoughts on this Thirsty Thursday!


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Lilith said...

"BBQ Stain" (Tim McGraw)

I think the title of this one is actual, "Something Like That." LOL, but I knew exactly which song you were talking about!