Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random stuff in my head on a Tuesday

During the first week of Weight Watchers (my weigh in was today), I lost 2 pounds. Feh. Daddy-O and Mac together lost weight equaling a newborn. GOOD for THEM!

XRay Girl still isn't talking to me. It's breaking my heart.

Today we finished inventory of all the fiction and all the new books. Since I had no idea what I was doing and had to start over last week, it wasn't bad that it only took 4 days for the fiction. Tomorrow, I start the non-fiction. I'm going to let kids start checking out books in fiction, since they're driving me crazy!

ITSam is working like hell to get me to take him back. It hasn't worked.

Mac still doesn't have a summer job, darn it!! He's applied about 10 places but no luck yet.

I showed Casablanca to my summer school film class (it's an all girl class) and they "didn't get it." WTF is there not to get? Ugh! The youth of today!!

I'm psyched about meeting Lilith in Northern Civilization tomorrow!!! Talking, dinner and book browsing are on the agenda. And I called Archiver's and she and I can work on our scrapbook projects if we want, even though it's a Wednesday!!

Why does Vanna White wear ballgowns to flip letters? And the letters don't even flip anymore, just touch and they light up.

I got some new shoes and they look awesome. Pictures will be forthcoming.



Curley said...

2 lbs is good. Don't get discouraged about the guys weight loss. They always loose faster. I'm sorry about x-ray girl. Don't have any advice there. Just sending hugs your way. Have lots of fun with Lilith. I'm jealous, you know.

sam said...

Hi Maggie!

Congrats on the loss! Way to go! Two pounds is two pounds. It's not a's your health and well being that's the goal!

Hopefully x-ray girl will come around. Call if you'd like. Sometimes that helps.

Do have fun with Lilith!! I went blueberry picking yesterday with an old friend. Had a very good time and now have over 4lbs of blueberries in the fridge!

Off to work. Have a great day!


Shan said...

Sorry about all the stress you've been dealing with lately Mags! I hope summer straightens out and gets better for you. Good work with the 2lbs! I'm sure you'll
have weeks where the weight loss is more than that too once you get in the groove. You've probably got enough cortisol churning in your system from stress that any weight loss is a grand feat!
hope things get better with X-ray girl. That sounds like a crappy miscommunication. ((hugs))