Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scraping the final poop off my shoe, so to speak

  • I need to arrange to get my furniture out of ITSam's house. Now. I have to see if I can find a truck and two guys to go with me. And find a place to store it again- Booknut, any space in your garage again or in your storage building, by chance? Please?
  • I'm stuck in a phone contract with him until January 2012. I have to pay my share of the bill until then or he's going to sue me, apparently. I will pay him on the 15 of each month. I will send him a money order.
  • I need a new job because I don't want to see him every single damn day at work (and I really want a job with more money and health insurance). He didn't even come in my building yesterday- thankfully. He did, however, change my Internet access status at work. When I was his girlfriend, he gave me unlimited usage and he changed it to like all the other teachers; guess I'm not so special anymore.
  • He provided my father with a loaner laptop and I'm waiting to see if he asks for it back; the same with the laptop cord he loaned Mac.
  • He took my car to get some work done in the winter time and he still hasn't paid that bill. It's not in my name and he hasn't asked for the money. Yet.
  • I need to go to the jewelry store and get the deposit back on my engagement ring since I sold my grandmother's diamond toward.
  • He recently bought me something from Tiffany's which I returned to him in the intra-mail: box, bag, ribbon and all. Maybe he can get his money back. Or give it to his next girlfriend. He should receive it tomorrow.
  • He donated some yarn to the Art Club of which I'm a sponsor. I also put it all in a box and mailed it back to him via intra-office email. He should receive it tomorrow.
  • He loaned me a computer at work and I have to figure out how to get it to him; I don't want to take it to his office lest he think I'm looking for excuses to see him, which I'm obviously not. Wonder if I could send it via intra-office mail, too?
It's all madness,


sam said...

Hi Maggie,

Break-ups are such a pain. I know that you're hurt and all but please take the high road on this. Especially at work. If people ask what happened just say it didn't work out. That's it. Nothing else. ITSam sounds like the type who will talk trash about you to everyone at work. If he does and people come to you, just shake your head and say it's been hard for him. It will KILL YOU to do this but so worth it. Especially at work.

Cell phone: Do not send a money order. Send a check so that when he cashes it you'll have proof of payment. Clearly write in the memo what month the payment is for. So much easier than trying to get a copy of a cashed money order. Is the payment a set amount? Maybe go directly to the store and pay.

The ring: You paid the deposit on your engagement ring? If they don't give your deposit back I would check with a legal aid office about the legality on suing him for the money. Or check your states law. A wedding proposal and acceptance is a contract. Which he broke. He should be responsible for paying you back.

The car bill: Did you promise to repay him? If not, don't worry about it. I paid for a lot of my boyfriend's stuff when we were together. He also paid for a lot of my stuff. People do that in relationships. Water under the bridge.

The laptop and cord: That's between your dad and him. And Mac and him. I'm thinking he'll let that slide. If he asks you for the laptop or cord tell him to call your dad/or Mac directly. Does he REALLY want to deal with a pissed off dad or son?

The computer at work: Why should you figure out how to get it back? He can come get it or send someone to pick it up. He'd have to do that with any other computer at work that he gave you.

Whatever you do don't quit your job over this. I know you won't but I feel the need to say it. I once dated a guy from work that I fell in love with. He seriously betrayed me and we broke up. Needless to say, it was awkard at work. I was friendly and professioanl during our contact in the office so things remained civil. Let ITSam be the one to show his ass. From what I've read here that will be an easy task for him.

The yarn: If it's still in the mailbox go get it. He donated that to the kids for school. Not you.

The Tiffany gift: Same thing. It was a gift. Keep it.

As a final note..if X-Ray Girl is keeping up with all of this I hope she contacts you. You need a good, strong friend to be by your side right now. (Not that Curley's not!!)

Hang in there. This shall pass. You are a strong, smart and caring woman. Hold your head up and I'm serious, take the high road. That is the sweetest revenge.


Lilith said...

I still don't get how he thinks he can sue you for the cell phone bill when you never signed anything!

And ditto to everything "P" said!

Mellodee said...

Agree with everything advised above. Good advice. The view from the high road is always better! :)

Evil Pixie said...

Everything Sam said... Ditto!

Shan said...

Ah yeahhhh! Sam's on it! Sending love...

Maggie said...

Sam/ P- all good advice- thank you so much!!!! I will take your suggestions!

I just hope there is no car bill. I'll take care of the cord for Mac because that would be a disaster and I'll ask Daddy-O about the laptop if ITSam mentions anything about it.

His intern isn't there this week. I figure when he gets back that's who will be sent to get the laptop.

I already sent the Tiffany's and the yarn so I couldn't get it back. and I don't care. :)

XRay Girl is still mad at me. :(

And I will take the high road no matter what. I will not sink to his level, especially at work. He'll show his ass and that will be that.

thank you for your wonderful comment. *kisses*

Lilith- it's a small town and I hate to see what happens if he would choose to take me to small claims court.

Mellodee, Evil P and Shan- thank you!!!

Jimmie Earl said...

You WHAT with your Grandmother's diamond!!! (Enough said)

Secondly, if he wants that laptop back he has to ask me himself. I will return it if and only if he asks me nicely. No threats, no nasty remarks. (If that's possible from him.) He might bite off more than he can chew if he tries to deal with me right now.

You are so much better off shed of him. Keep the chin high and stay on the high road. I am pretty proud of you for the way you are handling this!!!