Friday, June 24, 2011

I now know what 'OS' means!

OS means "Oh Shit I have a new operating system that I have no idea what I'm doing when I use it!"

ITSam installed a new Operating System on my computer as part of the process of getting rid of the Trojans/ Malware.

It looks totally different and I have no idea what I'm doing or where anything is. Not only does it look different but stuff is in different places.

Sam is also a hater of Firefox as a browser and he just restored all my stuff in The Big Blue E. I hate the Big Blue E. I've used Firefox since it was available and it was on computers at different places where I've worked so I've mostly used it... basically forever. I went ahead and installed it and it too is completely different! I can't find anything there either. (And it pissed ITSam off that I loaded it, too.)

I'm hoping to get more familiar with it all weekend and I do know it makes me sound like an old fart to complain about new technology. I guess the new Windows is great (is it & or * or (? Hell, I don't even know the NAME of my new OS!) and I'm lucky to have it but I hate it when I have a routine of things I do when I log on. Now I can't find the stuff to even do it.

I like knowledge and usually change doesn't scare me, but for some reason this all just irritates me.

Maybe my whole life just irritates me right now so this is just one more thing...



Lilith said...

It's probably Windows 7 and it is really good.

As for IE, that is the worst browser out there! People who create viruses actually make a lot of them to just target IE users.

Curley said...

I know just what you mean. When they changed to Windows 7 at work, it really threw me too. I felt so stupid having to ask my office mate where this and that was all day long. I'm sure she got tired of it too. Took me a while but I too say it is good. I can't believe ITSam got made because you like a different browser.

sam said...

Hey there,

I have Windows XP and really like it. My computer guy thought it was the best for me. I use Internet Explorer and have had no problems in the many years I've used it. I've had one virus in the 15 years that I've owned a computer.
What security do you use? I use Norton and have since day one. To me it's worth the money.

You'll learn everything. When I got this XP it looked so strange! Now I don't remember what I liked about the old windows!!!

Why did he put you on something that you hate? Maybe he didn't know.

Hope you have a good weekend!


sam said...

HaHa....I just realized what you meant by the Big Blue E!!! What don't you like?

What's your home page? Mine is ATT.


Wiley said...

It took me a while to get acclimatized to Windows 7 when I upgraded. The most frustrating thing was trying to locate the control panel and all its associated goodies. Then I got frustrated because 7 professional is different to 7 home (or whatever it's called) and so I got confused all over again at work.
By the time I got used to it all I decided to give up PCs and go to the dark side with Apple - and their OS is truly like walking on the dark side of the moon. I spend a LOT of time reading help...
I'm such a spaz. But you're not alone!