Sunday, June 5, 2011

Well, you said it was FREE!

The other day Daddy-O and I cleaned out the garage. It was a few hours of time but we got lots accomplished.

One thing we both decided when we started cleaning that we were NOT going to have a rummage sale. At all. I had a rummage sale a few years ago and I did it because I really needed the money, really badly. But unless I'm in that sort of dire straits again, then there is no friggin way. So we agreed.

We threw stuff away and we took stuff to the local mission store. And we came up with an idea. We had some things we didn't want to "wrap up" and box up to haul away. So we lugged a super old, beat up card table to the side of the street and set all the stuff on it with a huge sign that said "free." There was an old oil lamp, and a bunch of candle holders. There was an old Mary Engelbreit picture, and old birdhouse, and an old computer monitor that still worked but was old and bulky.

As the day went on, stuff disappeared off the table. Cars would slow down and take a looky-loo. Some stopped and others didn't. People took stuff. It was all good.

I ran a few errands and when I got home, there was one thing left: the computer monitor. The cords had been taken (probably someone wanted to sell the copper) and left the monitor.

And the monitor was no longer on the table but on the grass.

Because someone had taken the table. Seriously! Someone took the old, ramshackle, broken down, table all the stuff was on.

Well, the sign did say "Free".



booknut said...

You still have my card table right? Please tell me that's not the one that was taken.

Curley said...

Best way in the world to get rid of stuff quickly. Did the monitor finally disappear?

Lilith said...

I am always amazed at the stuff people will take off the curb!

Maggie said...

Booknut- You have a super nice table- it never would be used out of my sight, so no, you're are safe!!!

Curley- nope. We have to "recycle" it!

Lilith- isn't it weird?