Thursday, June 16, 2011

I fondled her purse, wanted to lick her salad, and then got my finger stuck in a hole

Lilith and I had a "girl's night out" on Wednesday. Lilith is to purses as I am to shoes. She had this BEAUTIFUL leather bag, buttery soft. It's a gorgeous brown color and the perfect size. It's a bag that I've looked for my entire life. And it was so soft! I kept touching her purse, almost petting it. She finally had to threaten to cut my fingers off if I didn't stop!

She and I are both doing Weight Watchers. She's been at this a lot longer and has the bugs figured out. She got croutons on her salad and I really wanted some; I got mine without because I indulged on a Starbucks coffee earlier in the day. Anyway, she said how good the croutons were. I wondered, aloud, if I licked the croutons how many points would I have to count for that?

Then as we were standing in the parking lot, chatting before we went home, I was spinning my keys around on my finger. The keyring has 2 holes in it and as I spun it on one finger, my pinkie got stuck in the other hole. I thought we were gonna have to cut my finger off to get it out!

Now, get your minds out of the gutter!



booknut said...

You are too funny!

Curley said...

I agree you are too funny and I have missed spending time with you. When I get back from my trip this weekend, we will have to figure out how we can spend some time together.

Maggie said...

booknut- thanks! :0

Curley- I miss you too. have a great trip!!!