Friday, June 10, 2011

The Skinny on Princess

I've been rather closed mouthed about Princess lately because it's been hard and hurtful. But.... here goes:

It was basically decided that at the end of June she would be going home, back to her mother's house. Around the time that was decided she and another girl in her Alcatraz house became super close to each other, leading many to question if they were lesbians. Drama and turmoil ensued. I personally could've cared less what her sexual choice was, but I wanted her to make good choices about things in general- period. She pulled away from me and finally some of the other girls told me she was embarrassed at what I might say about her sexual exploration. The other girls who were her friends encouraged her to talk to me and she finally did. I told her I didn't care who she dated as long as it was a good person.

The person she was dating wasn't good- she was a mean and abusive girl- verbally and physically. Long story how I learned it but I do work here and people talk so I just know these things.

Then Princess was having behavior issues in her house and because of the hinted "relationship" with this other- it was a violation- she wasn't allowed to leave campus.

Once that got all sorted out, Princess learned her girlfriend didn't like me and she pulled away again.

I cornered her yet again and took her off campus for dinner- with permission of all adults in charge or course- and we talked. She told me how her GF didn't like me and that put her in a weird spot because she doesn't want to upset either of us. She also told me lots of stuff about how basically her mom was saying she couldn't see me when she went home because she had a mom and didn't need another one. Princess figured it would be hard enough to go home anyway so why fight her mom on one more thing especially with the distance between her and I- it would be 6 hours.

We talked and tried to sort stuff out.

Then Princess went on a home visit and came back early. But no one told me she was coming back early.

During all this, her Alcatraz caseworker who had been trying to be my friend and was jealous of my relationship with Princess, suddenly starts taking her off campus to do things and talking with her and hanging out with her all the time. Princess liked that of course, but the caseworker was making it hard for me to spend time with Princess.

So after sorting through all that crap, Princess told me today that now she isn't going home and will be either staying here at Alcatraz until January when she's 18 years old, or she would stay in this county and go into an Independent living program, either of which would be good. She was hinting to me that I should still fast track my foster care application so she can live with me. Wow.

I feel like I'm living in a game of pinball here. And because of that, I'm just going to relay the information rather than give an opinion.



Curley said...

Oh! My! Goodness! I don't think I can keep track of all that. Pinball game sounds about right.

sam said...

Hi Maggie,

Lordy, is her caseworker two?

Pinball is right.