Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The day things went wrong

  • ITSam and I split up over the weekend in a flurry of Sam-caused- drama and I'm exhausted from all the stupidity of it
  • I started Weight Watchers today. My daily point total sucks.
  • I started my period today... though I guess this is good news, considering the alternative!
  • X-Ray Girl is pissed off and I got in the line of fire of that and she's mad at me now, too- which is ITSam's fault (Curley and Daddy-O, please don't say anything to her if you see her!!!)
  • My sandal strap broke at school and the shoes had to be thrown away
  • I'm doing inventory of all the library books and it's a huge, damn disaster! Hasn't anyone done this before?
  • I mis-balanced my checkbook today and have $8 from now until pay day, which is a week from tomorrow- shit!


Curley said...

Sending feel better hugs your way. Call and I'll let you cry and rant till you feel better. X-ray girl won't be mad for long, I'm sure.

Evil Pixie said...

I'm having one of those weeks too. Grrrr...