Friday, June 17, 2011

Tiffany's *

I love Tiffany & Co Jewelry. I do. I just LOVE it!

For last Christmas, the now ex Sam (formerly referred to as ITSam) bought me my very first Tiffany's gift, a heart key and the heart is pink. I love it; and I did NOT give it back at the break up. I can't believe I went 39 years without ever having a piece of Tiffany's jewelry. What in the world was I waiting for? Well, okay I was waiting for Prince Charming- Enough- to- Buy- Me- Tiffany's, and he did. Here's what it looks like:

Now that Prince Charming is not so Charming (nor Prince like), I wondered, can I buy Tiffany's for myself? I browsed the gifts under a $100 and if I can shop there for myself, I'd get this because it's only $30:
I want to point out that it also comes in the infamous Tiffany Blue Bag. *Ahem*

The other thing I like is this:While I don't think it would behoove me to get this for myself, I still think it's beautiful. It would've made a gorgeous wedding ring, or a "just because" piece. I'm not such the narcissist that I'd acquire this on my own. But's certainly stunning.

And soon, I'll be posting about why I'm so Holly Golightly!

Maggie aka Holly

*This post was inspired my recent viewing of Breakfast at Tiffanys!


Curley said...

I don't blame you. All very nice.

Shan said...

Pretay pretay. I don't really do nice jewelry these days but I have been thinking about decorating myself up more as I age and pale-you know for a distraction. haha Maybe I should start by watching that movie. It's kinda like you and your Christmas movie viewing-somehow I've never watched Holly Go Any Which Way.

Maggie said...

Curley- ah tiffany's....

Shan- Hi!!! Welcome!!! I know you're so busy but I've missed you!!!! Oh watch the movie and then add some bling!!! :)