Thursday, June 2, 2011

Robin Hoods they are not!

Because of all the change in our building, weird stuff was going on from Christmas to now- weird stuff with our TEACHERS!

When the teachers who were re-assigned to other buildings found out about their impending moves, it was like they gave up. They started cleaning their classrooms back in January and stopped teaching. They took everything off the walls, gave stuff away, cleaned stuff out and boxed stuff up. (at one point, in our copy room, the storage closet of paper had 35 cases of paper in it and all the boxes had been taken and the paper just stacked on the floor.) WTF?!?

I also wanted to point out that the teachers tried to make the library a catch all for all the crap they didn't want and I finally got to the point where I said "no" and it really stunned people. HA! I don't want their crap!

So not only did it seem that educating students halted in these rooms, but so did good manners and commons sense, and following laws. I couldn't believe the stuff teachers were taking with them, that they claimed was "theirs". I don't think our administrators have any idea what belonged to the school, the corporation or the teachers. (those of us who knew what was happening told different administrators and I think in the end, the admin. felt it was easier to let stuff go than fight it, I guess) Digital cameras left the building, along with tons of books, a lat top, a printer, a card reader, among other things. Like they can't get new stuff from their new schools? They're so bitter they have to take stuff? They can justify it because why again?

I find it very sad about how teachers felt the need to steal from our school. Who knows what will be there when school starts again in August?

And what are we trying to teach our delinquent, criminal students? Apparently they rubbed off on the teachers rather than the other way around!



Jimmie Earl said...

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe that teachers anywhere would steal from the school. With budgets being cut all over the place, schools need every supply they can muster. I always marked anything that was mine originally when I took it into the building so no one could accuse me of stealing when I left.
I guess the bitterness got the best of the staff at your school. But, it's too bad. They should have been more professional and considerate, not only of the school, but of the students.

Vesuvian Woman said...

No, it's just proof positive that there are crooks everywhere; Wall Street and politics not withstanding.

You hit the nail on the head, sometimes people just stop making the effort to be better. Never give up, nver surrender ; )

Mellodee said...

Sometimes hard times bring out the best in people, and sometimes it turns them into thieves!!

Perhaps it is a good thing those folks are leaving, not much of an example for the kids they are supposed to be "teaching"!

Bragger said...

Wow. Just wow. I rarely even take things back that I have purchased with my own money, just because I don't want it to LOOK like I'm taking something that belongs to the school. This is so sad.