Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy day abloom

Yesterday Daddy-O and I cleaned the garage. To the naked eye, it wouldn't look like it was clean since half of it is still full of boxes and stuff, but now the boxes and stuff have been condensed and re-stacked neatly. The floor is swept. More space was created. Junk was thrown out, things were donated to the thrift store, and cardboard hauled to the recycling bins. We worked out butts off and things look completely AWESOME in the garage!!!

And while it was a beautiful day outside and I was running around outdoors, I thought I would snap some pictures of the flowers in the yard; they're better than pictures of the garage! Here are a bunch of peonies:

Here are the roses that climb on the back fence:

Here are some more of the roses that grow on the side of the house. We're going to wait until all the blooming is gone and then move it so it climbs along a trellis on the side porch.

Finally, here's some random pictures around the rest of the house:


Russian Sage

Cats & Kittens

Happy Summer!


Curley said...

Very pretty. Good luck moving the rose bush. Thorns, remember.

Bragger said...

Beautiful flowers..... and they're mostly pink! Just a coincidence, I'm sure....