Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weird Weight Watchers

Here's a strange thing:

Remember last week at weigh-in I gained .2 pounds and was really pissed off? Not only was I pissed off but I was also immature and decided during week that I was going to eat anything I wanted. And I did. I didn't use restraint.

I ate my favorite cupcake, I had Italian bread covered in cheese and olive oil, and a huge plate of pasta. I had breadsticks dipped in cheese and gooey pizza covered in meat and cheese on a thick crust. I drank pop and my very favorite Starbucks Peppermint Mocha- Venti size. I ate a candy bar when I felt like it, as well as an order of breaded mushrooms and a Spanish dog (or 2) from Linkmy favorite hot dog stand. I ate anything I wanted all week long and I didn't go hungry.

Nor did I go out of my way to exercise.

All that being said, I went ahead and weighed in Tuesday. I figured it would be like starting over. I figured if I was going to gain weight then at least I would not be hungry for a week.

Lo and behold, I lost weight. (I was going to be sarcastic and say I lost 240 pounds in the form of ITSam but that's way to obvious!!!). I weighed in on Tuesday and I lost 2.8 pounds. Ummm, okay.

So I diet like a maniac and gain and then go on a week long bender and lose more weight than before? Intellectually I realize that I can't do that again. I do KNOW that. But is sure is weird.

And I'm really glad I lost weight. So, I'm back on Weight Watchers. Even after my junket...

I've figured out a couple things that might help me:
  • do not obsess about it. I'll try but I think if I don't discuss it every day, and just do it, look up my numbers and go about my business I'll be much better. When I fix dinner, I'll write it on a sticky note and analyze each bite we all take. I think I was driving them nuts with that and I want to stop that- sorry about that Daddy-O- I didn't mean to talk it to death, which leads me to feeling guilty.
  • And I shouldn't feel guilty. I should try and do my best but if I slip or crack, I shouldn't feel guilty and beat myself up about it
  • I will exercise even though I hate it.
  • Small dishes help. For example, I can have 28 veggie straw chips and I should put them in a small dish rather than a regular cereal bowl. Then it won't seem like so few- it will appear heaping!
  • I need to do creative snacking. For example, I could eat 30 Sea Salt Special K Crackers for 3 points. OR I could take 10 of them and use a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese (1 point) and spread the cheese on the chips and top with a piece of mango, which is free. Then I could get some dairy and some fruit and it would be a more filling snack, for even less points than the 30 chips. And a nice blend of the sweet and salty! See, creative eating!
So even after being bad, I can still be good. So here I go again!


Jimmie Earl said...

I love the "lose 240 pounds" remark. We used to say that a long time ago and add "of ugly fat" . You could have said that part too. LOL!
I, too, fell off the wagon last week. I still was foolish enough to keep track of my points. (except for the one day when I said "to h*** with it and made a big X on my page of points). I actually gained some of my poundage back, but I will give it another go this week.

Bragger said...

See? I knew you would have good results! I too think I do better when I don't obsess about it. But obsessing just fits my personality! I try to develop better habits so it doesn't become such a freakin' chore.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Evil Pixie said...

What's a veggie straw chip?

Lilith said...

As long as you ate your daily points every single day and didn't go over your weekly allowance, it makes perfect sense to me.

That's what I love about WW, I can eat whatever I want! But after awhile you learn that if you eat better, you can eat more!