Sunday, October 31, 2010

The thing about love is...

that I don't know anything about love. I know what I think I want but I have no idea if that's realistic.

I do know some stuff. I know, for example, that there must be someone for everyone, or else people settle. Or they're desperate. I was at the video store last night and there was a couple walking in the door while I was waiting to check out. They were both really tall, like "take a second look at those really tall people" sort of tall. Then he was totally goofy looking. They were both a bit overweight, and with the extra weight and the height, they were sort of funny shaped. And she didn't have on a bra and was wearing a man's tank top undershirt (think "wife beater" style) and it was about 49 degrees out. Nipples the size of Texas. But my point it, the couple that looked like that, they still found each other. They were hugging and kissing on each other, and grabbing and giggling and laughing. It was nauseating. But somewhere out there the cosmos came together and brought these two each other.

I think what made my brain start working is the break up with ITSam. Princess and Mac were talking about him today, and how glad they were that we broke up. Other than both of them thinking he was a 'creeper' and that he had a dorky laugh, they also gave me an earful about his looked. They said he had a pointy head, and he scowled all the time. They said his ears stuck out. They also pointed out his gut and his man-boobs, and the large amount of body hair swirling everywhere; he had nasty back hair. I had no idea.... When they point it all out, I can see it (OMG- even the pointy head!!!) but why did I have to have two teenagers explain this to me?

Could this be why people looked at us oddly, sometimes, when we went out?

Yes, I know that looks shouldn't matter. But it does give one pause. I also think I'm no great shakes in the looks department myself. But both of these kids said I could do much better in the looks department with a guy as long as I don't want a super model. Okay. They think I am pretty enough to catch a guy who is at least "cute". Rather than someone like ITSam who they compared to a rat or Shrek.

The odd thing is that I never really gave it all that much thought. I have no idea what this says about me. I do know now that we've broken up with each other lots of people are asking or insinuating "what did you see in him". Some come right out and ask awhile others hint around but want to know the same thing.

This is one of those posts that I'm not sure of its purpose. I just strung all this together because it all happened yesterday and it seems there's some sort of lesson to be learned here, or something I should heed in my future dating. Or it's just the thoughts of a rambling single blogger.


And while this had nothing to do with love or looks, here is the hat that I finished that's two tone. (For those of you who read yesterday, you know what I'm talking about.) I started with the yellow that's at the bottom, ran out of it, and finished it with the color. I'm actually liking how it turned out. I'm going to beg Curley to make (or show me how) a "pompom" to go on the top! I folded the bottom, giving it the "hat band" look but it doesn't have to be worn that way. it could just be pulled on and then the bottom with curl or roll naturally.


Curley said...

I LOVE the hat. As for the other, sometime people point out ex's faults or odd looks after you have broken up to help you feel better about the breakup. Do not dwell on it much. Just look at it as a time in your life that is past and it is for the better. It was good while it lasted. That is probably why you started having misgivings. Your conscience telling you something was wrong the more you got to know him.

Evil Pixie said...

Cool hat.

As for love... I don't believe there is someone for everyone, just as I don't believe people "complete" each other. But, I also don't believe in true love and love-at-first-sight (unless it is a camera, cupcake, or article of clothing). But, then, I've been told I'm a cynic. :)

Jimmie Earl said...

If women judge men by their looks, I am in a world of hurt should I ever want to jump into the dating pool again. I hope it is more important what is on the inside than the outside trappings.
Unlike Evil Pixie, I do think there is love at first sight. I went there with your mom! I knew the very first time I met her. Call me corny! I do think that there must be someone for everyone if you are looking in the right place. I can just imagine the couple you mentioned. I even think I might know who you are talking about!
Like I said before, keep on kissin' those frogs. Your Prince will come.