Friday, October 1, 2010

New Obsession

My new "crack" is fashion magazines. I'm not sure what caused this latest addiction but it's an addiction for sure. I remember when it began but not the why behind it.

One day early this summer I was at Half Price books, one of my most favorite books store on the planet when I found the 50cent magazine rack. I started flipping through and there were a bunch of issues of fashion magazines that I never really read with ferocity. I always thought I should be a lover of Vogue since it was Carrie Bradshaw's Bible but I could never justify spending $5-$8 for a magazine full of clothes that I couldn't wear since I'm a plus size. But there at Half Price books were loads of fashion magazines for just 50cents each. So, I thought 'what the hell' and grabbed a month old copy of Vogue and In Style.

And the obsession began.

Now every time I go I comb the racks and piles looking for the month old copies of Elle, Vogue, W, In Style... I just LOVE them. And there are clothes in there I could wear, and would wear! There's make up tips and shoes galore. And jewelry! And beauty tips and secrets. I've become a huge fan. There is very little of that crap that usually pepper the pages of typical women's mags like sex advice, celeb gossip, or diet tips. These magazines are pretty much strictly, straight up, all about the shoes, clothes, purses, accessories, jewelry, make up and hair. It's terrible, I know, but I just can't help it. I'm addicted. I just sit and pour over the pages, book marking things I think I could wear, searching the 'net for something in my size just like the pants on page 412 of Vogue. I wonder what's happened. I actually KNEW when fashion week started. I actually looked on CNN to watch clips. I can identify a Dior gown at 20 paces. I'm completely and totally hooked!

Addicted so much so that the other day when I was at Wal-Mart the new Vogue, In Style and Elle have the new fall fashion issues out and I couldn't wait. I just had to have copies. And at Wall World magazines are cheaper than the cover prices so I got them for about $4 each-- AND they were each about 600 pages since it was the TOTAL fall issue on 600 in styles for the season. I bought them new.

I actually have piles and piles of magazines all over my room and in the bathroom. All less than a year old.

I blame Vanity Fair because I've been a reader for years and I think it was my gateway drug magazine of choice. Next you'll be seeing me on the street corner, holding a sign, "will work for newsstand fresh fashion mags."

Do you think I need a 12 step program?



Olivia said...

Hey girl, I am a magazine addict except it is Romantic Country, Victoria and Homes magazine. I try to only buy one new and then cruise around the bookstores to look a the rest. At least yours are helping you look cute, my home looks cute and I usually do too, just not my focus.

Curley said...

Not in the least. You are just a fashion forward type of person.

Lisa said...

NO CURE!!! Mine are not fashion magazines but they are a true addiction. And we will not talk about price, all I can justify is that I can use a 40 or 50 % off coupon at JoAnn fabrics and still not be in the $5 range YIKES!!! But I love them and they are my friends even years later! Enjoy sweetie!
Hugs, Lisa

Julie said...

Happy Belated Pink Saturday! Love the pink shoes.