Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Weekend...

Big Mac:
Friday night was senior athlete night at Mac's school. All of the seniors, male or female, who participated in any sort of sporting event, were recognized. All parents of these kids were escorted onto the field with them, in front of the crowd. It was pretty cool and I was really proud of Mac. One more step of reality that he's a senior and will be graduating. *gulp*

Big Crafts:
Annually, a craft show is held here in town and XRay Girl, Curley, Curley's Sister, Daddy-O, Princess and I all went. It was lots of fun but there were HUGE amounts of people every where and tons and tons of things for your home, jewelry, clothes, candles... everything people make themselves. There were over 100 booths. If you like to decorate in "Country" or "Rustic American" is certainly a place for you. But there's other stuff, like soap even and art work and just something to appeal to everyone. It was a good time had by all. I think I bought a candle for me because the smell reminds me of the non evil Grandmother's bathroom- like a flower garden.

Big Chili:
Daddy-O and XRay Girl bailed on the chili- XRay Girl because she had to work- but the rest of us forged ahead and with about 10,000 other people, we tasted chili for charity. After about 5 types I was done. I don't like chili all that well to begin with but since it's for charity I didn't mind at all. The booths are decorated and people dress up so the name of the chili and the booths all have themes. One school had "No chili left behind" which had a yummy, non spicy, thick, white chili that was almost like a stew. It was my favorite. Part of the process is paying a fee to get into the event. After paying, you get 10 tickets and you can vote on your favorite chili, booth, theme, whatever. You walk around with a spoon and sample over 75 kinds, choosing what you want to eat or not.

As I said, I gave up after 5 kinds, but Princess was a champ and tasted about 3/4's of the kinds there. It was so crowded that the four of us split up and we met back at the end; great that is was crowded so there was more money raised for the 7 charities. People also have toppings for the chili and lots of places were giving candy, ice cream, Popsicles, etc. to help cool and cleanse the palette. There were also a couple of drink concessions stands, a place selling kettle korn and elephant ears, and a beer tent, of which I didn't partake.

Princess had never done this before and she thought it was awesome. She also discovered she hated white chili. We laughed and ate our way around. It was cool.

The weather was great, too. Cool with a little breeze. Just a perfect fall day, with the leaves changing. We were all in long sleeve t-shirts and jeans, which was comfortable. It was a very good day.

Big Dress:
So Alcatraz has a winter ball in November and Princess gets to go. Over the years, apparently, people in the community have donated dresses for the girls to wear. The dresses be ball gown length- yes, to the floor, which I think is a good idea so the girls can't have mini dress/ cocktail dresses. the problem: these donated dresses get stored in a big closet and used over and over each year. The dresses look like something I wore to prom. Or dresses from the 70s. Not good. Princess found one that wasn't too "hideous" and didn't look like as much like "curtains with glitter" as some of the others. BUT, I know someone who wore a pink princess, Cinderella style dress to her prom and they are the same height and almost the same size. And this girl is going to loan Princess her dress, which is her dream dress. I had one VERY happy kid on my hands, jumping around, going happy crazy!

Big Lazy:
After yesterday, I plan on being a big lazy slug today. I'm going to do laundry and laze around the house. I have a novel to finish reading. I'm just going to chill.



Curley said...

Just so you know, we talked to my nephew(who was working the chili cookoff). There were 103 booths of chili. Pretty darn good for a small town. Sis and I tried about 20 and after about the first 3 my mouth and lips were on fire. But we had lots of fun. It was sis's first time there and she can't wait till next year.

sam said...

Don't you mean "just going to chili"?

Hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes!!


Maggie said...

Curley- I was going to guess around a 100 booths! It's an awesome thing to have here in my small hometown!

sam- oh my god- I wish I would've come up with that!!! you crack me up- heheheheheeee!