Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random moments aided by flashbacks

Okay, so with blogger's little brain fart yesterday, I didn't have the chance to get everything posted that I wanted to post. I was supposed to have two posts but I was lucky to get the one to actually work. And you might want to check that out. In case you missed it, fellow blogger Evil Pixie interviewed me and posted my interview answers on her blog. If you want to know more about me, check it out at her place, Evil Pixie!

And since we're speaking about other bloggers, I want to give a HUGE thank you to Wiley. She gave me an award. An award that SHE created just FOR ME. She made the Blogitzer Award her very own self... you know, like Pulitzer but for bloggers? She was "touched" by the post I wrote about Mac's unfortunate vagina cheerleader incident. She gave my writing a thumbs up for humor. Thank you Wiley!
I also had a super amount of fun with Princess yesterday!!! We went to the mall in Northern Civilization and she told me all I need to know about cute formal dresses- the what's hot and what's not if you will. Boy, was I educated! We had some dinner and tried on hats everywhere we went. Oh! And she had NEVER been to Starbucks so I had to induct her. She she is now in love with Vanilla White Mochas. Oh yeah, baby! It was a great time. We also got some fleece and she's going to make a blanket for herself. She's never made one of the "cut and tie" fleece ones before so it's a project. She's awesome. Tomorrow night she's going with me to Mac's choir concert. He has a solo and she wants to hear him sing.

I also want to drink a Cosmo toast and give a warm welcome to new followers, and to those who've been reading me forever! I appreciate you all! And thanks to those newcomers. I hope you enjoy! I can't believe I have 92 followers. I am totally going to do something special at 100 followers. I don't know what, but something.

There is a teacher who has been absent for 4 days. She's got a terrible stomach flu/ throat infection thing. She teaches sophomores and that class is reading Frankenstein. All the days she's been gone, the kids just read and do a worksheet. The English teacher in me is going crazy because I want to TEACH while she's gone. It's such a waste to to have me just sitting there, doing nothing and the kids are bored shitless. I hate it. But I can't do ANYTHING about it.

And there is quite a bit of teacher drama at this school. I learned a long time ago teachers get involved in lots of drama and politics. I learned a long time ago I want nothing to do with that and usually eat lunch in my room and am kind to my fellow educators but that as far as it goes. I might find 1 confidant (hello Gulo) and stay out of the rest. Well, yesterday I got sucked in and it wasn't on purpose.

The 7th grade Eng. teacher was giving a test. She needed "readers" (which is part of the job of a special ed. aide- we read tests aloud) for all her classes where there was a special ed. kid. I'm only in her room 1 period a day. She told me and I signed up my class and the other 2 in the "master book" in the special ed room where people do this to ensure a reader is available. I had checked my schedule and knew I could do the other 2 periods. Well, my boss found out and told me that wasn't how it was done. She said the class teacher is supposed to send her and my supervisor an email and they will assign people to read; it's not the aide's decision to make. O-kay. I apologized. She said it was just a 'miscommunication' and she wouldn't worry about but wanted me to know how it was for the future. But she said it in a snotty, snippy way. I said it was my fault and I would correct it with the English teacher. My boss proceed to send an email to the teacher, "cc-ing" me and my supervisor with the appropriate way to do it and told her she should know better. Well shit.

So I got to her room and apologized, explaining it was my mistake and I was sorry for the email and I was trying to help. I also told her I had said I was going to let her know my mistake and suddenly we all had the email, and I was sorry and it was all just a small misunderstanding- me trying to do "more" than what was my job. Well, the classroom English teacher was PISSED!!! At my BOSS! She said she was going to talk to her.

She said I was a teacher and capable of making this sort or arrangement and I knew if my schedule was busy or not. She said furthermore, they should treat me like the teacher I am rather than a babysitter and be nicer to me since they were lucky to have someone with my experience. She also said if she were me she'd look for another job rather than work for someone who obviously thought I was incompetent. She told this to my boss. She loves me in her room and knows I'll team teach and go above and beyond, just in the week I've been there. Wow. Wow. I don't think I've had anyone stand up for me like that. Wow. This is going to be interesting...



Curley said...

Thumbs up?!? For the write up about Mac? No pun intended I am sure. Very funny. Glad you have found someone in the school that realizes what you are worth. Just hope it doesn't make things worse with your boss. Have a good time at the concert. I know Mac can rock a song.

Jimmie Earl said...

Good for that teacher! Admin and Supervisors keep their heads up their butts, or at least try to keep said butts covered so much that they can't see the big picture: THE KIDS. I am in hopes that that will change. I was lucky that the school I was at was one where I had as much authority as a teacher, and was treated as such. I can sense you distress and feel for you. But hang in there!