Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 5- Something you hope to do in life

I guess I better get back to this 30 days of truth. I've been dragging my feet on this topic. I could've plowed through a bunch of others but this one had me stuck. I'm not feeling super optimistic in life right now so this one is just causing me conniptions. It's forces me to be cheerful and happy about myself.

I want to go to Italy, and would like to spend the entire summer there.

I want to go to England, and back to Ireland, and since I'm there, I would also like to stop in Scotland and Wales. And maybe live there.

I hope to live beside the ocean. In Seattle or in New England. I'm not picky, either one would do.

And if you want a realistic list, I would like to get a full time job with health benefits and paid vacation. I'd like to have an office. I don't want to work with kids, I think. I'd also like to just work from 9 to 5.

Okay, so there's the "hope" post.



Evil Pixie said...

You can always come visit me when I move the Pixie Household to London. :) We can drive to Wales and Scotland... no worries. :)

Anna said...

what a great list i hope you get to realize all. Sounds like Evil Pixie has an opportunity for you already :-)

Anonymous said...

You would love Cape Cod

food for thought said...

you gotta dream it to make it come true~