Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goin' to the chapel and she's gonna get married...

Last night I went out to dinner with a friend of mine from Alcatraz and she was catching me up on all the gossip. And we just chatted about life and such. She also told me all about her new, personal good news! She got engaged on Sunday! I am so happy for her!

Her ring is beautiful and she's just glowing. She told me all about her her fiancee was being tricky in trying to pick the perfect ring without asking her what she liked. She said he's been dropping hints and asking questions for about 3 months and she never put the pieces together until now. She told me all about the night her man planned when he proposed (they went shopping and bought a new collar for their dog, had dinner, took a carriage ride through the park and when they got home, the dog modeled the new collar and she noticed something shiny attached: her ring. Then he proposed.) She was so happy and she really was just beside herself with excitement. as it should be. We discussed wedding ideas and possible plans from small family wedding at the fiancee's family farm (near a pond)t to marriage on a cruise to eloping in Vegas.

About a month ago she and I were talking about the prospect of getting married and we were both thinking it was a bad idea for our respective selves to get married.

Here's the awesome thing: she said when she asked not a doubt crossed her mind, not a flash of "maybe" , not a single question. Only a huge, big, and happy "YES" is all that she could think about. She knew it was right and she just can't wait to marry this man.

This is the way it should be. No doubts, no qualms, no reservations, no maybes. Good for her. And good reinforcement for me and my choices of late.

I am so happy for her! A day that the good luck in love of 10/10/10 myth actually was true!



Anonymous said...

how romantic

Curley said...

OMG! When I started reading this post, my first thought was "I know who this is." I just didn't know that you knew her also. Kind of glad that I didn't know. That way she got to share the news with you in person. When you talk to her again tell her I am so happy for her.