Friday, October 29, 2010

We have an idea but are we too old?

Mac and I are trying to decide if we're too old to go trick-or-treating. I think numerically, the answer is "yes" we are since we're 17 and 39, respectively, and certainly if you add our ages together 56, or average us out, 28. All those, numerically, say we're too old. BUT!

If we come up with a really cool costume idea and it would hide out ages, er...huh... our faces which would reveal our ages, can we still go trick -or-treating? For gods sake, will someone please just give me a damn bag of candy?

Anyway, for some reason, the last few years I've had this huge urge to find a partner in crime and dress in a really cool costume and go. I thought we could be a pair of dice, or pirates, M&Ms, or something.

I wouldn't care if I gave candy to grown adults or teenagers if they had really cool costumes. I mean, last year, I had some kids who just showed up at the door and looked at me with hands out. No costume, no bag, not even the words "trick or treat" so wouldn't it be okay if we were awesomely dressed and enthusiastic about the holiday? Shouldn't effort and creatively as well as attitude be worth something, like a miniature Milky Way or a popcorn ball?

Mac said if I could come up with something and he didn't have to dress like a girl, then he would go. On a side note, I think it's interesting that lately Mac is agreeing with just about anything I suggest. I've wondered if this has to do with the fact that in a year from now he'll be at school so he'll do just about anything to spend time with me. I guess with that in mind, we could stay home and pass out candy to the kids and eat Halloween themed dinner like "halloweenies" and .

But wouldn't it be so much more fun to go trick-or-treating?

If you have any last minute, make at home, do it yourself costume ideas, please let me know. I haven't ruled it out yet!

treat me,


Curley said...

Funny you should ask. Check out They have ideas for last minute easy costumes. I like the one for Fruit-of-the-Loom, but you need 3 people. Plus you could dress up and just greet the kids that come to your door.

Evil Pixie said...

Wicked Pixie and I are dressing up as a good angel (her) and bad angel (me). Personally, I don't think there should be an age limit for trick 'o treating, but around here people act like the age police. If you look like you're over 12, they won't give you any candy.