Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Break

I am so glad that we have 2 days off this week. In my system, we have a "fall break" so I don't have school tomorrow or Friday. Thank the gods.

Originally Mac and I were going on two college visits but both of us agreed we really needed the vacation. We just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. I have to work at the reception desk second shift on Friday and Saturday so I'm thrilled Mac wanted to bail. I can now have all day Thursday and Sunday to do whatever I want. And I am.

My big plan is to do nothing and laundry. I might read or scrapbook or quilt or sleep or blog or read blogs... Just a bunch of nothing is the main point, though. Curly and I are taking Princess to see Rogers & Hammerstein's musical of "Cinderella" on Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, Ii have nothing planed except to veg out.

Today also marked the end of a school quarter so Mac got a report card. I'm so proud of him- 5 As, and 2 B+s- whoot- whoot! I also had parent teacher conferences where I played the role of the parent and it's amazing to hear such great things about him: especially his enthusiasm and his energy and to hear how smart he is.

Tonight Mac and I are going to Southern Civilization to see Princess dance in a recital. Apparently, some dance studio gives 5 or 6 or the Alcatraz girls free dance lessons and tonight is a performance. We're going to watch her do her thing. Then I'm going to come home, shut off the alarm clock and phone, and head to bed.



Evil Pixie said...

When I was a kid, parent-teacher conferences only happened at the elementary school level. That is still the case today, but I think it is fantastic they go through high school where you live! It is easier to keep tabs on things and help the child be successful.

PS. Totally jealous on the free time. For me, it's all about grading papers and writing chapters for my dissertation. Yuck!

Bragger said...

I just had a week off week before last, and I could use another Fall Break myself. Greedy, greedy, greedy..... We get a whole week for Thanksgiving (2 furlough days...yuck), so I guess I shouldn't whine too much.

Enjoy your free time!

Maggie said...

Evil P- Okay we have reverse jealousy because I would love to be in college, working on a PhD!

Bragger- you got a whole week off? I want that! Okay I am thankful for the two days. I really am. (But still wouldn't have minded a whole week... I'm just sayin')