Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend wrap up- aka: "I have muscles in my butt, and they hurt!"

Back in December 2005 the following happened:

The coffeehouse chain I worked for laid me off because they were going under + the house I was living in needed to be vacated ASAP due to rodents = me putting everything I own in a "U Store It" facility. And I moved home with my parents.

This was supposed to be a temporary thing. And it could've been if I didn't get a wild hair and decide to move to the Wild West. I found a job in northern Civilization pretty quickly, by the end of February. But I needed to save money for deposits and rent and utility hook ups before I moved up there so I stayed with my folks and commuted. Then, for those of you who've known me since I started blogging around this time, you might remember that I was thinking of quitting the new job and moving to Alaska with my then AlaskaSam but that fell through. Then I said to hell with it, quit the new job and moved to the Wild West.

When I moved West I only took what would fit in my car because, I reckoned, if I didn't like living there, then I would've have double moving expenses: there and back. So my stuff stayed in storage. And I stayed in the Wild West for 2.5 years. And occasionally I would ask Daddy-O to mail me something and he would trek to the building and get it and mail it. I was never sure if I wanted to stay in the Wild West so I never brought my stuff out- talk about commitment issues!

So now I'm back and living again with my dad and my stuff has been in storage all this time. And this weekend was beautiful and Curley and her hubby had a free weekend so we grabbed their flatbed trailer and their suburban and Daddy-O's car and we spent all day unloading my storage building so I could stop paying rental fees. And we hauled it about 50 miles home and unloaded it all into Daddy-O's garage. It took 2 trips. I have a LOT of stuff... LOTS. I had furnished a 2 bedroom condo prior to storing it all so you can imagine the vast quantity of crap I had sitting in there, in boxes.

Now it's all sitting in the garage.

Now it's all sitting in the garage with all the crap I brought home in my U-Haul (remember the Redneck Movin' Incident?) when I moved back here that's also been sitting in my Daddy-O's garage. Oh. My. Goddess.... I wish to reiterate that I have LOTS of crap!

And I'm preparing for the World's Largest Rummage Sale. I'm going through every box and making "keep it, toss it or rummage sale it" piles. After we moved stuff on Saturday I worked for another 3 hours, to start the sorting process. And if you want to buy it, I have it to sell: craft supplies, bedding, tablecloths and place mats, 10 place settings of Tea rose patterned Pfaltzcraft and a ton of matching pieces, everything for the kitchen, a bedroom suite, living room furniture, baby clothes, women's clothes, Christmas decorations, knick- knacks, picture frames, toys, games... if there was a person who wanted to furnish a house and didn't mind nice used stuff, then this would be the place because I'm getting rid of just about darn near everything.

I'm a nomad.

So Sunday morning I get up and my whole body hurt. I didn't realize that was so beyond out of shape. I have muscles in my butt that hurt and I have no earthly clue what I did that would make my butt hurt. And my right shoulder. I ache.

Now I thought I could stay home today and work in the garage since I'm shooting for memorial day weekend at the world's largest rummage sale. But Curley and I had made plans to see a movie and have lunch. So off we went!

After lunch we arrive at the movie theater to be met in the parking lot by the entire theater staff. Apparently the theater was without power. The electric company told them it could be an easy fix and they could show the second set of matinees or it would be a tough fix and be off all day. If we waited to see if the second matinee would be shown, we had 3 hours to kill. Or we could drive the 40 minutes to the next town over and still make the same movie. So we did do the drive so we could see the flick.

We saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which was cute and funny, and occasionally made fun of itself. Matt McConaughey isn't bad on the eyes, either. And Jennifer Garner is fun to watch. and I think I've Connor Mead (McConaughey's character) feels the same way I do about love- well, until the end. And you can read my review of it here!

And now here I am. Tired and still with sore butt muscles- mostly on the right side, too... what's up with that? Anyway, and I'm ready to tackle the garage and my wonderful world of crap.

Hope ya'll had great weekends too! I'll be stopping by to catch up on my blog reading over the next few days!

Did I mention my knees hurt, too?


Bragger said...

If we could combine your garage and my basement, we could furnish SEVERAL houses. If only I could convince Hubby to get rid of some of that crap. Sigh.

Gulo said...

Geez-- if you weren't so far away, I need to furnish a house soon, and I don't mind nice, used stuff! I leave in 1 month!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Maggie said...

Bragger- let's have a nation wide rummage sale! we could declare it nationwide Blogger Rummage Sale day or something quirky like that!

And tell hubby if he wants to keep it he should clean and organize it.... alone and I bet you would be able to get rid of some of it!

Gulo- If you can get the movers to get some stuff from here for you, it's yours!!! (But I know you have a cool black cafe table and chairs!!!!) And it's so awesome you are getting the hell outta there ASAP! Go you!

Ty-Anna said...

I want to come to the sale....

Maggie said...

TyAnna- if you want to head on down you're more than welcome- Hecate can hook us up with emails if you're serious! I can even save you stuff if you want!! :)