Monday, May 18, 2009

When it rains it pours

I know I promised a Chicago update but I'm exhausted because I went subbing on average of 2 days a week to having three part time jobs...

Today I started working at the ice cream parlor for three hours and then headed to the insurance office for 2.5 hours of telemarketing.

And here's the funny thing. I told Daddy-O that since I agreed to start my training at the ice cream parlor this week, and the training schedule is smack dab in the middle of the day, that the school would call and want me to sub even more. And was I ever right- which just pisses me off! They called this morning and wanted me to sub today and I had to say no. They called tonight and wanted me to sub tomorrow and had to say now. Which completely sucks because I had to pass up making $65 for each day, to instead make $20 each day scooping ice cream... Life just sucks.

I was tempted to call the ice cream parlor and tell them I couldn't train this week after all but I committed so I didn't- and the ice cream job is going to be 25 hours a week all summer long, after the training period, so I really NEED the job.


So all that whining being said and done, I worked both jobs, after my exhausting weekend, to be on the phone an Ahmad in India for 86 minutes, helping me fix Daddy-O's computer.

So, I'm too tired to answer my inbox full of emails and too tired to write my Chicago posts. Maybe tomorrow?

Poor tired me,

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