Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm excited because I have a few road trips coming up! I know I went to Ireland and Italy this spring, but other than that, which was strange in and of its self, I really haven't made plans to do stuff.

So I am super excited to be heading up to Chicago this coming weekend! Farrago, that awesome blogger buddy, came to visit me last summer when I lived in the Wild West- he was traveling the northwest part of the states and I was able to be a stop on his route. We had a great time (okay at least I had a great time- I don't want to put words in his mouth but he seemed to have a good time). And since I moved back to Civilization I now am a mere 3 hour car drive from Farrago so we're going to get together and hang out.

I adore the city of Chicago so the fact that I get to hand with a cool guy and in my favorite city makes me do the happy dance! We have plans to hang out in the city, maybe see Chinatown or Beverly, maybe hit Navy Pier or take in a Cubs game. We've bounced some ideas around, but to me it doesn't matter what we do- I'm just excited to have plans to do some fun stuff with a cool friend. One thing we are doing for sure is to go to a karaoke party. OMG- he has no idea what he's in for with me singing... he did offer to give me a bottle of tequila... maybe he DOES know what's up? Okay, who told him? Anyway, I am soooooo, looking forward to this!

Memorial Day weekend also brings a road trip, in addition to the World's Largest Rummage Sale. My cousin who lived in DC for the last 30 years moved back here to southern Civilization when she retired and is having a HUGE BBQ at her place. Mac and I are heading down for the day to see some family and to meet their friends. Should be a good day, good food, good company... and I'm really looking forward to it!

I'll let you know how both trips turn out!

Wish you were here or hell, wish I were there,


Ty-Anna said...

sounds like a blast, have fun!

Maggie said...

Ty-Anna- thanks! it should be awesome!