Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Host with the Most (Chicago Part 1)

Farrago is a great guy. As many of you might remember that he and I met as bloggers and then when he went on his trip to the western part of the USA last summer he stopped in the Wild West to see me for a few days. And being the gracious guy he is, he bounced the invitation back to me to visit him if I got back his way, in Chicago. And he so graciously followed through on that, and let me be a bum at his place last weekend.

Not only did he stock my favorite tequila, he also fixed a fuckin' AWESOME steak dinner- and put up with me teasing him incessantly about his grilling procedures. But the joke was on me because the man fixed a kick ass steak and tater- I bow to his grilling prowess!

He is also full of great stories, and is an interesting guy in general. We seemed to talk non-stop- and I learned tons about his family; the man has a book there, I swear! Being the youngest of 7 kids, there's a story! (And I have to say he showed me pictures of his daddy when he was in The War and his pops was a HOTTIE-BO-DOTTIE!!!!) and I wasn't sure if there was anyone who could out talk me, but... if he can't, then we're tied. (And Farrago, I get to wear the crown of talking glory, thankee)

And did I forget to mention he took me to IKEA? And he LIKED it? And didn't bitch at me as I wandered around, fixating on pink stuff- which Farrago didn't hesitate in pointing out to me! There wasn't very much- only EVERY-thing. But his own fixation was with French Press Coffee Makers. Though I have to admit, those fuckers were all over the store, even in the children's section and in the garbage bag section, and the couch section... did I mention everywhere? And for some reason, Farrago was a fan, even though he owned one that he paid like a million dollars for and these were made by poor Indian kids and sold to Americans for $9.99, or something.

He even took me to a Starbucks near his house after his strong coffee made me grow chest hair... and he didn't harass me about my Starbucks addiction. He even took me to the Starbucks Anonymous meeting... er, no he didn't, cuz it's supposed to be anonymous. I was really the only one there. There is also a super kick ass produce market near his house, where he just sort of turned me loose and took great enjoyment of my speechlessness (and his ears could finally rest) as I stood before 178 kinds of oranges, simply agog at the choices. Um, it was a GREAT market and colorful and FUN! Yeah, I know, I'm amazed at fruit. I need to get out of town more.

Finally, Farrago's title of the Host with the Most was continued to be earned when he fixed me breakfast on Saturday morning- eggs, bacon and toast, NOT a bowl of cereal. He took me into Chicago and was willing to go anywhere I wanted, as he kept telling me it was my weekend- and was an excellent tour guide getting us to and from Navy Pier to Chinatown and never lost at all. He spoiled me with a treat at gourmet Vosges Chocolates- I ate chocolate with violets in it, and lavender. Oh YUM! I swear! He introduced me to some super people at a karaoke event (more on that in a later post)

Farrago the Super also slept on the couch and let me crash in his bed!

Awesome guy, so much fun, great conversation, good times, lots of laughs, the pun master! Thanks Farrago! You Rock!

A Forever Farrago Fan,

an aside: he even said I could come back and bring Mac!!!! I'm giving him a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it...!


Curley said...

Ok, lots of oranges but did they have the ones that you were telling me about? If so, why didn't you bring me one?

Maggie said...

Curley- OMG... I forgot to mention that. Farrago indulged me yet again and we hunted through all the orange choices and there was NOT one blood orange to be found. I found yummy orange peppers but no Blood Oranges. I will find them- they have to be here on this Continent somewhere!

Wonder if Patti in Fl knows about blood oranges? hey Patti? Can you help?

Anonymous said...

I see how you are, talking about me in all of bloggy world!

I know nothing about blood oranges. You might be able to get them through Trader Joe's or WholeFood Market when oranges come back in season! Sorry!

So glad you had fun in Chicago. I've heard it is a beautiful city. Be glad you are not in Florida now. I now have waterfront property after FIVE days of straight rain! The wind is so strong I have white caps in my driveway!!


Maggie said...

Patti- are oranges not in season now??? I know nothing!

I'll peek at trader joes- thanks for the suggestion! I have a post coming soon about this glorious fruit with the sanguine name!

And white caps in the drive way? Ah weather most foul- come north and we'll protect you, until tornado season anyway... Haha!

And we only speak kindly of you, ma'lady of Florida!

(And if you north do come to escape the duluge, off to the Windy City we would be!)

Can you tell I'm sort of reading Shakespeare today?

Farrago said...

Wow. And I thought I was sort of annoying.

Okay, I shouldn't have read that. Now I'm going to expect people to know what a swell guy I am.

Maggie said...

Farrago- annoying???!!!!???? When???!!?? Nah!

And well duh, everyone knows you're a swell guy- we all got the memo!