Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mac and music

We have a music store here in town. They sell instruments, focusing on guitars and drums, as well as sheet music and other musical stuff. This isn't the music store with everything nice and neat but more of a store with practice rooms and a stage. people can go in and pick up instruments and try them out. There are jam sessions held there. The owner gives lessons. it's a pretty cool place.

They have open mike nights on Thursdays and Mas has been with some of his friends who have a band. Mac sang on several occasions the last several months. I've never been because he doesn't want his mom there- apparently I'd lower his cool level or something.

Anyway, I went in to price guitars and lessons for him since I have a job. (And I've wanted to learn the acoustic myself) Mac has been dying for an electric guitar for months and months and months- did I mention forever? I was going to get him one for his birthday but financially I just couldn't afford it, which sucked. The owner guy was supremely helpful and showed me a bunch of lefty guitars for a beginner.

Through conversation with the owner of the place, I mentioned Mac had been in to sing on Thursday nights. He asked his name and when I told him "Mac O'Sullivan" he KNEW who Mac was and couldn't stop talking about what a great singer he is, how much talent he has, how much potential he has and that he should be doing something with his music. I was blown away. I thought it was amazing to hear that from a total stranger.

The guy told me I should forget everything he told me about guitars and showed me an entirely different set of "axes" since it was for Mac. The guy said if Mac could learn to play guitar an "Nth" amount as well as he can sing, then he'll be famous. He showed me some great guitars and threw in some freebies (amp, guitar case, musicc) and offered me a layaway opportunity since it was for Mac. I was floored. This guy said Mac sounds like a pro when he's on stage and would love for him to have every chance to explore his music passion.

Last year Mac had the lead in the school musical and was awesome. He also sang a solo in the Christmas program. I always thought he had a great voice. A woman who used to perform professionally and did some training at Julliard said Mac had perfect pitch and should be trained. Now I hear this from the music store owner. Now, if I could get Mac to buy into this... it's scary and flattering and amazing to hear compliments like this about your kid. Wow. Just wow.

Mother of the next Mr. Slow Hand,

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