Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Long A to Z Meme for a Long Week

gravitate toward shoes in any store of mall
Average: I feel that I am in most ways, except for my vocabulary (not spelling!)
Annoyance: LIARS, Stupid people and rude people- the worst: stupid rude people
Age: 37

Best Friends:
Curley- and I'm while not "BFFs" with Philsgirl, Hecate, Photographer, and AlaskaSam- I'm pretty close to all of them
Beer: Bulmer's Irish cider (not technically a beer, but close enough for it's served on tap in most Irish pubs!)
Birthday: Sept. 26
Boast: I'm a good substitute teacher- for those in Education, you will understand how important that is!

Crush: I have two — John Cusack and Johnny Depp (and that guy on the Harley I saw today, with the goatee and the tight jeans... he knows who he is... he smiled at me. Niiiiiiiiiiiii-ce)
Car: I want a Jeep Patriot- an older one- because I think it would store all my stuff when I move next
Candy: chocolate
Cry: rarely

: spent subbing or scooping ice cream
Dream: weird dreams at night lately- I was being chased by the cleavage police last night...
Dare: I'd rather have truth
Drug: legalize pot, please.

Not much is easy for me these days
Eggs: Fried or scrambled with a side of bacon, please.
Email: I hardly got any today- I think 1 all day!
Envy: skinny chicks and people with money

peppermint mochas from Starbucks, mint chocolate chip ice cream, Original Bubble Yum gun, Cosmos
Favorites: At the moment — Holly Golightly, Plain White Ts song "1234", reading, writing, traveling
Flaws: lazy (though lately I've been told it's depression), procrastination, lackadaisical attitude (I think to think of it as being laid back but others think otherwise)
Finicky: laundry, clutter in my space (but not my car- go figure that one out)

For Daddy-O
Gifts: see my side bar if you want to give me anything
Gum: Original Bubble Yum
Gross: the smell of feet, skanky women with boobs hanging out of her clothes, being sticky

it's short
Height: 5'5"
Happiest: happy comes in brief moments when I'm unsuspecting
Hate: I hate being lied to and manipulated.

Ice Cream:
Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and Phish Phood.
Instrument: I want to learn the guitar- oh hell, why not?
Idols: I don’t really have any….
Independence: I'm not so much right now...unemployment can do that to you

Jail: A friend will bail you out, and a good friend will be sharing the cell
Jenga: I don’t think I’ve ever played this game.
Jammies: t-shirts or silky tops and matching bottoms; fleece in the winter

I have Mac, a 16 yr old and because of him and as a teacher- I don't want any more, thank you very much.
Karaoke: LOVE IT!
Kicks: no thank you- it would hurt
Kiss: Been awhile since I've been kissed.

Longest …:
time of my life has been the last 5 jobless months
Love: It's something we invent to feel better and isn't really necessary for a happy life
Life: I love that board game!
Lost: I watched this show for the first season and then just couldn't get into it with all the weird stuff

usually only on cereal
Miss: Making a regular salary with benefits doing something I like AND that I'm good at
Movies: Love to go to movies, but since I've been back to Civilization I've rarely watched a DVD, but I'm in the theater often. I'm going to see the new Night at the Museum movie tomorrow!
Memory: I swear I have to write everything down these days or I forget it all!

Usually short; paint my toe nails
No: spinach
Name: Maggie; aka: Mags
Never: been to Paris or bungee jumped

what I feel I'm becoming
One: I love this song from the Broadway musical classic A Chorus Line
Office: Space (okay, that was an instant word association)
Only: AlaskaSam knows ALL my secrets

Pet Peeves:
Too many to list, but whistling and nail biting are tied for number 1
Primal urge: To scream at the top of my lungs when frustrated
Personality: quirky and a bit sassy; sometimes scared
Pain: I am one, usually told specifically in the ass

To laugh
Quirk: MUST shower before doing anything (other than peeing) to start my day
Qualms: About what happens if summer comes and goes and I'm still unemployed
Quest: to Conquer Europe

Reason to …:
have a garage sale is to make money and get rid of shit
Reality TV: I hate this concept and think it's ruined television. nothing is really "reality" if a camera is rolling. I hate hate hate reality tv.
Rage: Not really- it takes to much effort and emotional energy
Regret: Not marrying AlaskaSam when I had the chance 15 years ago

Right now, my favorite is “1234" by the Plain White Ts and "Single Ladies" by Beyonce
Season: this used to be an easy question- I would immediately scream winter and claim to be a winter baby but this past winter was hard on me emotionally and physically so I don't have a favorite season anymore
Shoes: I own about 200 pair if you count flip-flops
Silly: I can be

Eastern Standard
Ticklish: yes, and I get super pissed when someone tickles me on purpose
Taste: my clothes are either very monochrome or very bohemian
Torment: I can't sleep these days, or all I do is sleep

I love to be barefoot so shoes go whenever possible
Unpredictable: that word describes me and my mood these days
Unfortunate: My inability to get a job
Unforgettable: shit my ex-husband has said to Mac about me (it's also unforgivable)

snow peas in pods
Virgin: not anymore
Vacation: The last one was my long weekend in Chicago, or my 2 weeks in Ireland and Milan
Voice: Alto

Worst Habit:
Wish: enjoyable career
Waste: not want not
Wander: almost anywhere- lately antique stores or shopping malls

sometimes I get emails that could be labeled X rated
X-Rays: I broke my ankle in HS PE class
X-Men: I just saw the new movie
X-marks the spot: If only it were that easy

Year born:
Yes: please
Yellow: not a color I like, but I've always thought I wanted a yellow and cornflower blue kitchen
Yearn: To have money to travel and be a full time students

Zoo Animal:
Zodiac: Libra
Zealous: blogger
Zzzz: Advil PM or Lunesta

All about memememememe,


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Curley said...

Oh shucks, Thanks. Cleavage police huh? Sounds like fun.