Monday, May 25, 2009

Whoopin' it up in the Windy City (Chicago Part 3- the end)

I know, I've been such a slacker this last week- and I didn't even post yesterday; I feel like such a rebel and a rule breaker for that. And I still haven't told the ending to the Chicago trip--Okay, to finally wrap up the last of the Windy City details-- does anyone remember I went there last weekend and promised details? Yeah. I didn't think so.

Other than hanging with the most cool Farrago, whom I have dubbed the Host with Most, and having a great time singing karaoke with some ultra-fun folks, I have very scant details left of my adventures in the Windy City. I also know I've missed being in a city and I think living and working in Chicago would be GREAT. I love the sky line, the crowds, the stuff to do, the tourist sights, the river right down the centre of town, the Miracle Mile, the places to eat. I LOVE it all!

I did have a Strangers on the Train moment, only I was on a bus and we didn't plot to kill each others' respective spouses... Anyway, Farrago and I were riding the bus and I'm looking at the people and just watching the world go by. I had spent the day walking around the city so it was nice to just sit and relax a spell. I snagged a seat, and Farrago parked his keister next to me, and there was a handsome gentleman sitting near me who kept smiling at me. I smiled back. There he smiled again. And I returned the smile. This went on for several blocks and he mouthed "hello beautiful" at me and I smiled and mouthed "hello" back. Then he inclined his head toward Farrago and gave me a questioning look. I had totally forgotten I was with Farrago and that could be construed as having him as partner/ BF/ mate/ romantic something or other. I must have made a funny face as I vehemently shook my head no because he laughed aloud and winked. Then we continued to smile at each other. Finally, we hit our stop and I followed Farrago off the bus and the man grabbed my hand and squeezed and said "goodbye" and I waved at him as we left. Now how cool was that?

Until I heard Farrago accusing me of ruining his mojo. Apparently he was making hot and heavy eye contact with the young buxom Blondie on the bus and when she gave him pointed eye contact about me and he shook it off, she ignored him. So we had simultaneous flirtations on the bus. Though Farrago did ask me a pointed question after our dis-embarkation: if he hadn't been there, what would I have done, or more to the point, other than flirty eye contact, what would've happened? I told him that I personally would've stayed on the bus a few more stops, got a name a number for coffee, and enjoyed the walk back to my destination knowing I might have a date. Ummm... he wasn't as optimistic- he would've just gotten off the bus and kicked himself- I offered to kick him but he said no. Ah, different strokes for different folks.

We also visited Chinatown. I was just a little disappointed because it was such a small area of the city, only a few blocks. I thought it would be bigger like in San Fran or NYC. The food looked great and had we went at a different time of day, Chinese food would've been dinner, for sure! It was still pretty neat to see, and I loved going in the bakeries which had Chinese pastries as well European style yummies. I managed to stay strong and not get baked goods (Farrago's doing this diet and he was setting a good example) but I did splurge and get a mango smoothie, that was to die for. There was none of that shitty artificial mango flavored powdery shit, but real, fresh mango and milk and just all natural goodness. BONUS!

We also hit Navy Pier. There were tons of people out on the boardwalk, enjoying the beautiful weather. And it was the end of Marine week. I wish I would've known it was Marine week because I would've done my part for my country and created a one woman USO- okay, okay... it was still nice eye candy. And the skyline from that area of the city is brilliant. I also love being near any large body of water so it felt free and refreshing. It was surely summer there- boats on the water, smell of sea water and cotton candy, the Ferris wheel slowly turning-- it was grand!

My mojo was also working a little bit that weekend, which shocked Farrago. While he doesn't find me beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and simply irresistible (that's okay, because he's not my type either!), he seemed SHOCKED that other men did seem to find me at least mildly attractive (see Farrago, some guys like smart sassy women with junk in the trunk!)-- to the point where I had the cutie-patootie KJ flirting like mad and possibly offering me a threesome with he and his wife, the Les Nessman look alike offering to take me to dinner sometime, and KaraokeSam asking for my number and inviting me to leave the Karaoke party with HIM to go out to 2 other karaoke bars then to breakfast and he said he would make sure I got back to Farrago's place. Add the hottie on the bus and well- I felt like I was Ms America or something... All the male attention was nice, especially since I've been a bit down after the AIISam situation.

Other than the crazy guy who had an entire conversation with his hand on the bus- that's not a euphemism for masturbation; he was really speaking to his hand, we also had a brief walk near the river (In 2010 I am going to be in Chicago on St Paddy's Day to watch the river get turned green and drink green beer and kiss Irish American men, especially police or fire men. Hey, I was in Dublin for the holiday so I might as well do it up right here in the States, too!) , a trek down Michigan with every tourist in the city, and a trip to my Tiffany and Co., which was closed and I wanted to cry- wahhhhhhhhhh- (And had it not been so far from Farrago's place or a bitch to park near, I totally would've had breakfast there on Sunday morning! Ah, next time!) it was a wonderful weekend, and I had gobs of fun! Can't wait to go back. Next time I think Mac goes along- now, that should be interesting... or scary or both.

So many many thanks to Farrago for being a good guy, a fun friend, and a wonderful host. Can't wait to see you again, buddy! (And remember, you're always welcome here in Civilization. We can... go to the city park or the community pool!) See you in the city soon!

(And thanks to Farrago for being my personal photographer all weekend too- all photo credits are his, except this one! And click here to hear his version of the weekend!)

City girl to the core,

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Curley said...

Somehow I don't think the sights here will compare with the sights in Chicago. Sounds like fun though.