Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Workin' hard for the money...

Update on the job hunting, and I'm going to keep it positive instead of all the crappy "nos" and rejection letters.

First, a funny. I applied for one work through a temp. agency. I filled out all the paperwork, let a resume and outlined my skills, outside of teaching. The woman at the agency who processed the applications looked mine over, asked one or two questions and then told me she didn't think she would have anything for me because I was over qualified for the work they usually do. She said I should be doing her job or her boss's job. I asked if either of those jobs were available. She was NOT amused. I have a feeling I won't be hearing from her....

Remember the unique place I applied for a position, who need a clerical person? Where the old timer who owned the joint asked my age? He actually called me back for a second interview. We're playing phone tag now, so who knows what will happen? Go figure!

And last but not least, I did get myself a part time job today. This was a case of not what you know, but who you know. My auto insurance agent told me her office wanted to hire an outgoing person who would be good on the phone to make telemarketing style calls to folks. The purpose of the call is to get folks to let the insurance agency quote them an auto policy. This job was not advertised and I was the only one interviewed. My agent is a woman who just rocks and we share many of the same personality traits so her boss, the agency owner, knows me and thinks I would fit in his small office environment. I interviewed and was hired.

I trained tonight and started making called. I'll work 2 evenings a week, and Saturday mornings. I make more than minimum wage and for each quote an agent gets to make from my call, I get a buck bonus. Like I said, it's a job. The people are really nice, I have my own desk, the hours are good, my boss is flexible, the agency is very well known and extremely reputable. These are warm calls, not cold, so that helps. I get paid to talk on the phone- go me! So, if I can manage to snag that other part time job then I'll be working about 20 hours between the two and could at least survive that way. All and all, as things go- they have been worse, so it seems to be looking up.

And I'm still subbing, at least for 4 more weeks (yes, we go into June here because of snow days)

Show me the money,


Hecate said...

Half Price Books is hiring!

Bragger said...

We also go into June this year because of construction LAST YEAR. It makes no sense. Then next year we go back to our regular schedule. So teachers get out June 9th and report back on JULY FREAKING 28TH. Arrgggghhhh.....

Maggie said...

Hecate- they just filled the positions on Monday! Damn it!

Bragger- oh wow, that's a seriously short holiday! And making up this year because of last??? Where was your union rep???

Hey, does your HS need an English teacher? :)