Thursday, April 30, 2009

Applying for a job... an unusual experience

I've been hunting for a job, as you all know. I've been applying in a large pool in a wide field- casting my net, so to speak.

There was an ad in the local paper last night. A small locally owned company with 1 full time person and one part time person is looking for an office clerk. It said to apply in person at this business during business hours.

So after lunch today I got dressed in nice black trousers, black conservative heels, a white turtleneck and a wool blazer. I was conservative and dressy. I printed my resume on nice thick creamy paper. Make up and jewelry were at the interview recommended minimum. See, I was looking the part and ready to dazzle. (When I did HR if someone came in to get an application and looked like a slob I remembered!)

I arrive at the business right after lunch, thinking a full employer might be a happy employer! I went in the door and... there was merchandise stacked floor to ceiling in boxes. There were replacement parts and used items this office specialized in stacked everywhere, on the floor, counter, desks.... everywhere. And full of dust and dirt. O-kay...

There was an elderly gentleman behind the counter. He said hi. I introduced myself, offered a hand shake and told him I was there to apply for the position. He looked at me, and looked at my resume. Then he asked me how old I was. *WHAT?* Yup, he asked my age. Now, I looked at this old guy and his "office." He wasn't a dirty old man at all, but he was just an old guy, doing his thing, who was obviously utterly clueless in EOE guidelines. This fella was functioning old school. Really old school. So rather than call him on it, I told him. He told me I was just a youngster, thanked me for my resume and said me might just give me a call to have a "go at" his computer.

The computer in question, at least the one I could see, looked like a Tandy 2600...

I have no idea if this man really wants to hire help or not, or if he's just lonely and wants people to stop by to visit and have human contact. This doesn't seem to be the sort of business that is going to have folks in and out or browsing. It's a speciality store and trust, me, you're only going there for ONE thing. And I might be surprised and he might really call me to talk about a real job there. Who knows?

So... with that "successful" venture under my belt, I came home, cleaned the kitchen, and did laundry. Maybe I should hang out my shingle as a laundress...


Curley said...

OMG, I'm so sorry and you know I should have kept my mouth shut, but I will still call you if I hear of any jobs.

Maggie said...

You better not be sorry at all!!! :e just might surprise us and offer me a job- which is something I don't have now! And it's a good story, no matter what!

And I need all the help hunting I can get! Love you and thank you for helping!