Monday, April 20, 2009

Heartbreak isn't just a Hotel

Too much distance and with the question of when we're going to see each other is just hanging there all the time, Sam thought it should just be over now. He said I'm beautiful and wonderful and deserve someone who can give me his time and life, he loves me so much, he's not ready to leave Ireland, he isn't sure having me live there for the summer would make sense since his job got re-organized and he'll only be home something like 11 days in the next 2 months, and I can't travel with him so he would only see me on those 11 days and I would spend the rest of the time in his flat all by myself. There is no one else. His company CEO told him to marry his job or he WOULD be fired. Sam still wants to be friends (editorial comment: nofuckingway). If I could find a job in Dublin, Sam would never have ended it because we would be living in the same city and it would make things easier. He feels like he still had things he needs to do and since his personal time is limited he wants to be able to do what he wants rather than stay at home on the phone with me. Sam said the distance makes us too hard.

. Fuck it.

blah, blah, blah, blah........

blah, blah, blah, blah........

Down at the end of a lonely street,


Curley said...

If you had a job in Dublin, he would still only be there 11 days in the next 2 months and you would still only be on the phone with each other so that thinking is a little skewed to me. Oh well, he was right about all the other stuff, i.e., beautiful, smart, funny.

Maggie said...

Curely---- hmmmmmm good point!