Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another stupid "holiday"

I hate April Fool's Day. I never remember it and someone usually plays some sort of joke on me and I usually fall for it and just end up feeling stupid. And I hate feeling stupid.

The entire concept is to make someone feel dumb and that goes against my nature, against my grain. I never want to make anyone feel dumb-- okay, it might have crossed my mind when teaching or parenting, or holding a parent-teacher conference that I was dealing with some stupid folks and while it floats across my subconscious, I would never, ever act on PURPOSELY making someone feel like an idiot.

So why even have April Fool's Day? According some research I did, because I'm a nerd like that, is that April Fools Day came about because sometime in the 1500s Charles IX (tho some research says is was a Pope that made the change) decided to move the start of the new year and the calender to January 1 from April 1. But word didn't travel too fast back then- no emails or newspapers or CNN to update folks, so years later some people in far away countries and lands didn't know that old King Chuck had rearranged the dates and were still celebrating on April 1, so those people were called Fools.

Some folks think it's a light hearted way to celebrate the change of winter to spring and everyone feels silly and carefree. There are "renewal festivals" in countries all over the world. Not just Americans celebrate April Fools Day- countries all over the world have their own traditions and jokes and pranks for this day. I'm not kidding!

Though we do yank a rodent out of a hole to predict the weather, have a special day to tell someone you love them, a day to plant a tree, a special day to fly the flag... why does April Fools Day bother me more than other stupid holidays?

So be vigilant and watch for hoaxes, practical jokes, pranks, silly stories and other lighthearted fare since today is the day that I guess we're all supposed to be a fool or to make others feel foolish. Gawd, if I get called to sub today it could be long and miserable for teenagers are really "good" at this holiday. YUCK- the brats! I know I sound like such a killjoy, but at least if teens could be clever or funny rather than mean or stupid, I might think otherwise.

Personally I think Hallmark should make a card for this occasion, or at least it should garner a box of candy, some flowers, or a lovely meal out...

Feelin' foolish and don't need a special day to have it pointed out,


Bragger said...

I'm with you, Maggie! I HATE April Fools' Day. One year the members of my yearbook staff MOVED MY CAR on April Fools' Day. I was so ticked off, but I didn't show it. Or even pretend that I noticed. I was only slightly mollified when I found out they had enlisted the help of one of my teacher buddies.

Plus my eldest brother wanted to name me April (that's when I was born) and call me "Ape" for short.

Maggie said...

Bragger- moved your CAR??? OMG- i would've been pissed. But b/c it's April Fools day you had to be a good sport about it. Man, that sucks.

And if your parents had named you April and he nicknamed you Ape, you should've beat the crap outta him daily...!

Hecate said...

The boy wanted to stay home from school today because he didn't want people playing pranks on him.

I remember in school, someone pulled my chair out from under me while I was sitting down. As I landed right on my tailbone, they laughed and said "April Fools". Real funny hurting someone!

I don't like this holiday either!

Maggie said...

Hecate- how mean and cruel that kids would scare another or hurt another on this day, a day of fun and jest? What a crap thing to do to you and the boy! A few more hrs and it's all over- thank the goddesses!

Did you let him stay home, BTW?

Hecate said...

No, he had to go to school. But he's home now and all happy cause he just brought home his 3rd quarter grade card and it was all A's!

Maggie said...

Hecate- Rock on The Boy!!!!!! All As on Aprils Fools- guess the joke was certainly NOT on him!