Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mac and the drama club

This weekend Mac was in the school play, a parody of Arsenic and Old Lace called Larceny and Old Lace. He was a policeman, the cop with the most lines.

He did a great job, of course.

Having formerly been a director of high school shows, I have a tendency to be waaaaaay to critical. But what I love about Mac is that I can hear him. He was loud and projects. This cast was suffering from the typical pitfall of high school plays: a poor sound system. But Mac didn't need a mic- I was 5 rows from the back and could hear every word he delivered. (And I kept all my criticisms to myself about the sets, costumes, props and sound...I know, I sound like a great big wad of Bitch)

Mac also makes me laugh because he knows the Cary Grant film Arsenic and Old Lace and he loves it- he was pissed off that his director didn't just do the original show. He also thought he would be good in the lead in either show- and he would. I appreciate that everyone wants to be the lead, and I think it hurt his pride a little bit since he was the lead in a musical last year and was just resigned to be a cop in this show. Before he moved he was cast as Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Seville in the musical of the same name, but he moved before he could be in that show- so I think he was crushed to me just a policeman.

He knew I just directed Arsenic at my old school and he was bummed that his school did a more "school safe" and "politically correct" version of the old screwball comedy. I, being a good mom, told him he did a great job, the show was fun and it's the spirit that matters- but really- I agreed with him. He should've had a big part; he is a natural on the stage and I hope he continues to purse bigger parts.

Hoping a star is born,

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