Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I've been doing in Ireland

So I have huge blisters on the bottom of my feet from all the walking and not being used to it- other than that, no complaints! I was thinking of being a bum and not doing a darn thing today since I have a few more days and could run around with Sam, but I hate to lose any time. So I'm going to veg for half of the day and give my poor blistered feet and toes a little rest. I still want to see the famous jail, get my own pictures of St. Patrick's, and I feel like I should see the National Gallery since it's free... but otherwise I have done all the things a regular tourist would do- and then some!

Yesterday I toured Dublin Castle and a funny thing happened there. The tour guide just decided that I must be a good listener because by the end of the tour he was talking directly to me, ignoring everyone else, like it was a conversation rather than a guided tour. Afterward, he and I chatted and then he asked me if I wanted to get a pint, have a bit of supper and see some sights- whoot, whoot- go me! I got asked on a date in a foreign country. Of course I said no...

I also toured Christ Church yesterday, and it was beautiful. I actually toured it twice... go figure. My digital camera batteries died in the middle. I was so bummed but I finished the tour anyway, of course. At the end I asked the docent if I could re-enter if I went and bought batteries, after explaining my plight. She said of course, so I went across the way, got batteries and came back to tour it again. Thank goodness it was self guided so I could just get some of the shots I wanted!

And since Sam has been working a bit each day, I've been running around on my own so I don't have any pictures of the two of us doing anything. For whatever reason, when we go out at night, I never think to bring my camera to dinner or to the pub. But here's a picture of him after he got home from work.

I will try and do a better job of getting some of us together.

And by the way, another reason it stinks that I don't remember my camera at night? I've eaten my way through the city (and am not gaining weight but losing so the blisters don't seem as bad!) and I've had curry and real Chinese food. I also had some fancy Greek food and visited lots of pubs to partake in lots of pints- I like Bulmers, a nice cider. YUMMY! And all the restaurants garnish fancy or have lovely presentation. All of these would've been great photo ops! Where was my brain???? (Of course I'm still posting pictures as often as I can at Across the Pond) I did get one food shot:

Your woman of the world,


Hecate said...

Don't you own a phone that has a camera in it? What about Sam, doesn't he have a camera phone? When in doubt whip that phone out!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie.............and nice too! So happy that you are having a blast!