Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Sam still employed? And the West Wing date follow up

Yes, Sam is still employed. I will spare you all the down and dirty details and all the names he called his boss- which are most certainly NOT fit to print. But be that as it all may, he still has a job and in the middle of this global depression, it's a blessing. The Boss was in his office from San Fran to Dublin on Thursday and was saccharin sweet- I can at least tell you that. His job had been restructured- more training, more sales, more travel and less management duties- Sam is not a happy camper about the last one... When I talked to him after our West Wing date, his final words about the job were: "If I call you around noon your time, then you can rest assured I punched his lights out and ordered you plane ticket- you'll be leaving Sunday." The phone call, the punch nor the ticket occurred. So, he's employed for now.

The down side of this restructuring mess is that I am now no longer going to meet him in San Fran in April. Before this, he was to be in CA for 14 days and I was going to be there for a big chunk of those. The trip is now down to 4 days, with him flying out on a red eye on Thursday so he can conduct a training in Dublin on Friday... I don't think I need to even talk about how unhappy both of us are over this whole thing. he's pissed at the company. He's also pissed at himself. I'm sad over it all, vow to not use any guilt on the man because he does it well enough on his own (He has a Jewish mother- he lived the World Series of Guilt for years!), and am mad at the company. I would say the upside is that if his training schedule works out, I'll go see him at the beginning of May and be there for his birthday! Now that would be nice...

And as for our West Wing date, it was fun. We giggled and talked through much of it and he can quote the whole thing word for word, which struck me as hilarious, for some reason. When he worked for Clinton, he told me he was really like Toby but wanted to be more like Josh with a splash of Sam<-- the character played by Rob Lowe, not MY AIISam. But he was really Toby. (Okay he really wanted to be Leo- who wouldn't want to be Leo?!?) And as I watched that episode I can totally see it. Completely- he is sooooo Toby. Ah, the things TV help you learn about those you love. BUT anyway, we talked and watched and decided to do it again. We even have another "date" episode picked out. (And we were totally impressed that we only had a 2 second lag from when we separately clicked play) And for those of you who are not familiar with the shoe, shame on you, and sorry you just wasted a bit of your life reading this paragraph that probably made no sense...

Ah, the world of Sam. At least updating you on him and how his job affects me keeps me from really talking about myself........

I'm a CJ girl myself (or is that Dr Bartlet?),

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