Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's doin' with Sam

Things with Sam are still good. We had an awkward adjustment period for several days when I got back. We are the King and Queen of bad timing. He got deathly ill in Milan and stayed sick when I left- high fever, stuffy nose, cough, congestion, aches, pains... and he has asthma so a small head cold turns into a major ordeal.

He also learned on St. Pat's Day that his job might be downsized into- no job. So the day before I leave we're dealing with me leaving and the emotional roller coaster that is taking us on, him ill and him in danger of no job, and his grandfather here in the States who practically raised him was hospitalized. Again, can we say Bad Timing?

And really, when we got back from Milan, neither he nor I thought I would actually be leaving until tomorrow- yes March 26- we had just planned to move my ticket to then. We had decided I should stay longer and when we got back to his flat he was going to go online and change my ticket. Except when he went to do it, the ticket prices had sky rocketed since he ordered mine. We would've had to pay the difference in ticket prices and a fee, making the price $300, While I have no job and that he was just informed that he could be loosing his job, we decided that I should probably go home. He also did some research and found that for under $300 in 5 weeks I can come back... damn the pricing around St. Patrick's Day!

The first 5 days after I left were terrible. He was sick and all he wanted to do was sleep when he got home. He had to go to work with all the pressure on maybe not having a job so he was exhausted and ill, and most certainly not in the mood for our late night chats. He was stressed and edgy. I think we talked a grand total of 20 minutes in the 5 days I got back. So of course, being a woman with PMS, having just left the man she loved, the jet lag and the stress of LIFE, I assumed he was blowing me off and the last 2 months had been a lie.

The long and the short of it was that we finally had a "come to Jesus" meeting and cleared the air. He explained all the work stuff- and had the bad news that San Fran is up in the air- he was afraid I would throw a fit (baggage from his ex wife makes him think I'll going to throw a hissy fit rather than understand he may not even have a job that takes him to San Fran, let alone me being there with him...story for later!). His asthma was acting up and he was still sick. And he missed me. He was mad at himself for not paying the ticket price to come back. He was mad at himself that he wasn't sure when we would see each other again and he wants to have a plan. He hates that I'm not there. He misses me and is frustrated because of that.

Geez, he should've told me all that in the first place!

So, all is well now. He's feeling better. His company owner is coming to Dublin tomorrow and he should have job answers. He also has a plan of when we'll meet with or without a job. His grandfather is better, fine and home. *Exhale a deep breath*

The Big Boss is coming in sometime today. Sam said he might have to take the guy out for a pint- that doesn't sound too much like getting laid off... but he said you never know in this business. the guy you drink with the night before can sack you in the morning without batting an eye. If he can just go home after work tonight without having to play host, he and I have a phone date to watch... hang on, lemme give you the background story on this...

Okay, we both love to watch the TV show The West Wing. He worked in the Clinton White House so he has a special affinity for the show. I love the show because it's just great. Aaron Sorkin is a brilliant writer and that show, for the first 5 seasons is smart and quick and just a pleasure to watch. (Funny the little things we have in common). Sam doesn't have a TV so while I was there, sometimes we would just curl up on the couch at 2 am and watch an episode or two of West Wing on DVD on his laptop. It was sweet. Now, there's an episode in Season 3 called "Dead Irish Writers" which is one of Sam's favorite episodes. I have missed that one- and come on, the irony of Irish writers, I love Irish writers, he lives in

Tonight Sam and I have a date to watch "Dead Irish Writers" on DVD- me on my lap top here in Civilization and him in Dublin on his laptop. (Sam owns the series on DVD and Guard and Booknut owns it here, so I borrowed their copy). We can both watch and talk. Yeah, I won't be curled up in his arms with my head on his chest, but we can still watch together. It's funny the concessions you figure out when you have a long distance relationship.

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The W.O.W. factor! said...

Maggie, I'm sure glad he 'aired' his thoughts so you could stop PMS'ing. Sounds like you have an awesome connection!
I am so very happy for you!!