Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stray bullet?

I come from Ireland to find that the passenger side window of my car has been-- shot out. We don't live in a large city. We don't have gangs. We don't usually have people being shot in the streets, convenience store armed robberies, or other "gun" related crimes or violence around here. So it seems to be a bit discerning to have a bullet hole in my car!

Thankfully no one was hurt and it was just a window that was shot out. Thankfully I have auto insurance which covered all the the replacement costs minus $100. Thankfully my dad paid the deductible.

The car was innocently parked in the driveway, next to an alley. Daddy-O and I wonder if some kids were walking past and were screwing around and BAM out went the window. I don't think they wanted to steal anything because nothing was missing from the car, AND they didn't break out the window. It was shattered into a million pieces, but that was it. I would've thought it they wanted to steal something, they would've shot out the window, broke it in and the jacked the car or the stuff in it.

Daddy-O is a teacher and I've been subbing- we speculated that it could be on purpose... but really, I think some kids had a gun and were just playing around. And how scary is that?

Another reason for me to believe in gun control.

Ducking and covering,

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The W.O.W. factor! said...

Wow! That's a tad spooky! Glad they didn't take anything!