Saturday, March 14, 2009

Been reading them forever and can't stop- they're like crack!

Okay, I have two women bloggers whom I have been reading for a long time and I love these ladies. They are completely diverse blogs from each other, but both are appealing and delightful.

Phishez is my gal-pal from down under, and her blog is Does this crown come in bubble wrap? She is raw. She is a single girl and is sexually liberated and I love her stories and misadventures. She sprinkles her posts with her pictures, she's an animal lover, and she is one hot woman who is living life! I would love to meet her!

Then there's Tense Teacher. She's a high school English teacher and she is tense- aren't all HS teachers a bit tense, really? Don't they deserve to be? She is sometimes quirky. Once in awhile neurotic. But she is funny. She is married to the greatest guy ever (Geek) and has the sweetest daughter ever. Tense Teacher lives in the south, she loves her laptop and her new phone. She loves words and is serious about her teaching and has a great outlook on life. She's not afaird to question, to ponder, to pout, to tempertantrum, to give a yell, a hoot and a hollar. Smart woman, a reader, and her words are great! (Hell once in awhile I look up a word she used when writing- now I LOVE that in a blogger!) So Tense Teacher is a grand 30something lady!

Read 'em:
Does this crown come in bubble wrap?
Tense Teacher

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