Friday, March 13, 2009

Going out for supper...

Ever since Sam and I met in Pittsburgh, he's promised to take me out for Italian food for supper. While we were in Pitt it never happened. And since I've been in Dublin we've had Chinese, Indian, seafood, pizza, and some American- still no Italian food and I was teasing him about the omission.

Sam came home and told me he would take me out for Italian food this weekend. And I could have it as many times as I wanted because he was taking me out for supper in Milan!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He and I are going to Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!! The country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the entire weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We leave this afternoon and get home around midnight on Monday. Then I'm going to spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin and fly back to the states on Wednesday.

Oh. My. Goddess. Italy. For supper. Milan. Can we say Dolce and Gabbana? Versace?

I mean, he comes home from work and says we're having Italian food for dinner- in Milan, Italy.

Okay, that being said... I really really don't think I'll be posting here or on Across the Pond for several days. I might, but I have no idea.... Italy...



Running In Stilettos said...

So Jealous. So. Very. Very. Jealous!!!!

I'm pretty sure my personal trainer would forbid me to even go to Italy now, b/c she knows I'd eat pasta and bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner...gelato for dessert, of course!

have fun!

Curley said...

You are so very lucky. Eat some of that pasta for me. Thanx for the card.

Ty-Anna said...

WOW!!!! I AM jealous!! You have a wonderful time and pictures pictures pictures!!