Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weird stuff about me

Weird random facts about moi....

1. Magazines. I love to subscribe to magazines and I usually have about 6 or 7 coming to me at one time. I keep the mags in a wicker basket in my bathroom so I can read them when I lay in the bathtub and such. I hate it when someone reads my magazines before me- my name's on them so I want to be the first one to open it and read it and enjoy the new magazine smell. And (yes my magazine "issue" [please don't call the pun police!] continues) this week's Time was a special issue devoted to how crappy the economy is, one sad story for folks after another; I merely skimmed the issue and stuck it in the trash in an effort to make the bad stuff go away. And finally, if there are people on the covers, I always tuck them face down in the basket so they can't "see" me.

2. I have all sorts of glorious shoes in colors and styles that are stunning and beautiful. And I haven't had a job in 3 years where I could wear them comfortably. Teaching high school and being on my feet most of the day is not conducive for high heel shoes.

3. Riding horses is something I adore doing but I haven't for almost a year. And I'm not sure where my horse connection here in Civilization actually is. I need to make a horse connection.

4. I hate to fly but I will do it because it's a quicker way to get anywhere...

5. When I'm at home and bored, I have a tendency to pick one channel and let it just go over and over again. I was watching USA Network and watched rerun after rerun of Law and Order and NCIS. I used to do that with TNT and watch Law and Order, Without a Trace, and Las Vegas. Even if it's an episode I've watched I'll watch it again. And I have to say that Chris Noth is one of the best looking men in the world- he is hawt... (on the old Law and Order, and on the new ones...)

Randomly yours,

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